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Numbers of the Day

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Tuesday, August 21

Number of women in the Oklahoma State Senate; there were more women in the state senate 25 years ago in 1987 (6), than there are today.

Source: Center for American Women and Politics

Monday, August 20

Amount gross production taxes from oil and natural gas contributed to the state’s General Revenue Fund in July 2012

Source: Office of State Finance

Friday, August 17

Number of inmates housed in private, for-profit prisons in Oklahoma, 3rd most nationally behind only Florida and Texas in 2010

Source: The Sentencing Project

Thursday, August 16
42.8 percent

Percentage of children in Oklahoma who live in working families earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, less than $36,620/yr for a family of three

Source: Working Poor Families Project

Wednesday, August 15

Number of uninsured Oklahoma adults below the poverty line who will become eligible for health insurance coverage in 2014 if the state opts-in to Medicaid expansion under the new federal health care law

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, August 14
85 percent

Percentage of the homes damaged or destroyed by recent wildfires in Oklahoma that were uninsured; 1,283 homes and businesses have been hit since July 28th

Source: Tulsa World

Monday, August 13

Number of low-income, uninsured women in Oklahoma who received breast and cervical cancer treatment through the state’s Medicaid program during FY 2012

Source: Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Friday, August 10

Number of jobs lost in state and local government in Oklahoma in June, the largest job loss of any employment sector in the state.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Thursday, August 9

Number of veterans who used VA health services in Oklahoma in FY 2011, about a third of veterans living in the state.

Source: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Wednesday, August 8

Number of volunteers in Oklahoma serving in AmeriCorps, SeniorCorps, or a similiar program, 2011-2012

Source: Corporation for National and Community Service