What President Obama’s immigration order means for Oklahoma

This post is by OK Policy intern Nikki Hager. She is a senior Political Science and Economics major at the University of Tulsa. In November, President Obama issued an executive order to grant deportation relief to approximately half of the… Read more [More...]

The kids are out of Fort Sill. Now what?

At the end of July, we published a blog post debunking some myths about the unaccompanied children housed at Fort Sill in Lawton. Now that the temporary shelter there has been closed and the children have all been relocated, we… Read more [More...]

Debunking myths about migrant children at Ft. Sill

As most Oklahomans have heard and seen on the news, there are currently between 1,000 and 1,500 migrant children being housed in dormitories on Fort Sill, an Army base in southwestern Oklahoma near Lawton (among other places across the country).… Read more [More...]