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April 26th, 2017
Events can move fast in the Oklahoma Legislature, especially in the last weeks of May just before adjournment. New bills or amendments – or even the entire state budget – can be introduced and rushed through before constituents have much… Read more
April 26th, 2017
In The Know is your daily briefing on Oklahoma policy-related news. Inclusion of a story does not necessarily mean endorsement by the Oklahoma Policy Institute. Click here to subscribe to In The Know and see past editions. Check out OK… Read more
April 25th, 2017
Oklahoma is a young state. In the 110 years since statehood — only about four generations of people — we’ve gone through good years and bad, through oil booms and busts, through the Dust Bowl and the long recovery. Many… Read more
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Motor vehicle thefts in Oklahoma in 2015

Source: OSBI

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“Ultimately we found that there are many serious systemic flaws in Oklahoma’s death penalty process that obviously can and have led to innocent people being convicted and put on death row. If we’re going to have the death penalty, it must be done right to ensure that no innocent person is executed.”

-Former Gov. Brad Henry, announcing the Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission’s recommendation to maintain a moratorium on the death penalty and implement more than 40 changes to its process (Source)

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