ACT TODAY! Help lower insurance rates and make Oklahoma roads safer (March 16, 2023)

Next week, Oklahoma lawmakers will have the opportunity to make Oklahoma roads safer and create nearly $40 miilion in insurance savings for Oklahoma drivers. SB 669 would enable individuals who pay their taxes with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)… Read more [More...]

Important vote today — Please speak up again to protect voting rights

Hundreds of calls were made in opposition to SB 210, which would reinstate barriers to voting by mail in the middle of a pandemic. Unfortunately, our legislature didn’t listen and SB 210 will be heard in the Senate this morning. [More...]

Lawmakers moved absentee voter requirements to SB 210 – Your voice is still needed

Lawmakers on Wednesday moved proposed new absentee voter requirements into a different bill SB 210, which was previously an unrelated bill until today’s amendment. The change was made less than an hour before the House session convened. The House had… Read more [More...]

SQ 802: Medicaid Expansion – Information and resources

This page is a resource on the Oklahoma Medicaid expansion ballot initiative (SQ 802). It will be updated to reflect the most recent information available. [More...]

Families shouldn’t be punished for accepting help when they need it

The federal government is making fundamental  changes to our legal immigration system, putting thousands of Oklahomans at risk – including up to 123,000 children. On October 10th, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a change to the rules that we use… Read more [More...]

Protect SoonerCare for Oklahoma Families

NOTE:Federal regulators posted the state’s plan to cut SoonerCare coverage for parents who don’t meet a work requirement for public comment on December 20th. The piece is available for public comment and feedback until January 18th. Click here to learn… Read more [More...]

Ask Governor Fallin to veto these anti-family bills

In the last few days of legislative session, Oklahoma lawmakers pushed through three bills that are harmful to Oklahoma children and families. These bills have now gone to Governor Fallin for her signature or veto. Please call Gov. Fallin today… Read more [More...]

Support SB 1086 to Repeal the capital gains tax deduction

Increasing focus is on repealing the capital gains tax break as a solution to fully fund state budget needs and resolve a teacher walkout. A repeal bill (SB 1086) has already passed the Senate with a bipartisan 30-10 majority. It… Read more [More...]

Pass revenues to help the budget, give teachers a raise, and support working families

As soon as today, we expect votes on a key set of revenue bills in the Oklahoma House: HB 1030 will give teachers in Oklahoma a long-overdue $5,000 raise. HB 1033 will pay for that raise by increasing gas taxes,… Read more [More...]

Lawmakers must use special session to fix the budget, not pass the buck

If the Legislature does not approve new revenues in special session, the consequence will be unimaginable cuts to health care and other protections for our state’s most vulnerable citizens — with the greatest harm to children, seniors, and people with… Read more [More...]