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Interim study considers proposed state race and equality commission (Capitol Update)

A short interim study was held last week on Senate Bill 1286 that was introduced by Sen. George Young, D-OKC, at the beginning of last session. The bill would have created a 30-member Oklahoma Commission on Race and Equality to be appointed for five-year terms, eight each by the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of


The Weekly Wonk: COVID-19 in Oklahoma prisons is a moral emergency | Interim studies examine police reform | Building community unity

COVID-19 in Oklahoma prisons is a moral emergency; Policy Matters: Fulfilling our moral responsibility; Interim studies examine police reform measures; Building Community Unity.


Oklahoma City man experiences health care disparities first hand

Ricardo Chavez has been helping his family navigate through health care access since he could walk. After relying on Medicaid himself years later, he witnessed firsthand the disparity that exists between those with quality access to health care and those without.