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Legislature should address fines and fees system that harms families (Capitol Update)

The Legislature faces a troubling challenge in attempting to limit the reliance of law enforcement agencies and the courts on fines and fees owed by defendants in criminal cases. As the state faced budget gaps or added programs without funding them, it has piled on more court costs, fees, and assessments to avoid appropriating tax


There are many reasons to call a special session and, contrary to claim from the Governor’s office, no reasons not to.

Gov. Stitt’s office recently told one of my colleagues that the Governor could not call a special session for a single purpose, implying he was powerless to call lawmakers together to address the mounting human and economic damage from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While he’s made no official pronouncements to that effect, it’s important to


The Weekly Wonk: Public deserves opportunity for public comment | Fines & fees system harms families | ‘Pretty please’ isn’t enough

Public being denied opportunity for input about significant change to Oklahoma health care policy; Oklahoma’s fines and fees system worsening the economic crisis for families and courts; Managed care will have a disproportionate impact on Indigenous communities; Policy Matters: When ‘pretty please’ isn’t enough.