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SB 704 would be step towards reducing Oklahoma’s incarceration rate (Capitol Update)

Sen. Dave Rader, R-Tulsa, introduced Senate Bill 704 that will eliminate piling on more prison time for sentences in most non-violent felony cases when the defendant has a previous conviction. The law already provides a range of punishment for criminal offenses. For example, the punishment for embezzlement if the value of the property is $15,000


Weekly Wonk: OK’s higher ed cuts among nation’s Top 3 | TogetherOK presents policy talks | Rethinking ‘tough on crime’

Oklahoma among worst states for higher education cuts; Together Oklahoma Talks Policy: Healthy Oklahomans and Safe Communities; (Capitol Update) Lawsuit challenges OHCA’s managed care proposal; Policy Matters: Rethinking Oklahoma’s ‘tough on crime’ approach to justice; Virtual Day of Action, March 4


Lawsuit challenges OHCA’s managed care proposal (Capitol Update)

For the past several months, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has been in a race against the calendar to get contracts signed with private insurance companies to manage the state’s $2 billion Medicaid program before the Legislature was to go into session on Feb. 1.