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Join us in November for OKC and Tulsa release parties of our new book, Neglected Oklahoma!
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November 17th, 2017
Oklahomans have learned the hard way what happens when you enact massive tax cuts without saying how you will pay for them. In the mid-2000s, we began slashing our top income tax rate. When Oklahoma first started cutting taxes, the… Read more
November 15th, 2017
OK Policy is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for two full-time positions as an advocacy and outreach coordinator and as a communications associate. We will be accepting applications for both positions until Monday, December 4th and… Read more
November 14th, 2017
In The Know will be on a break for the remainder of the week due to an all-staff conference. We will return next Monday, November 20th. We will continue to post content to our blog and  Facebook page. We will… Read more
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Share of tax cut given to the richest 1% of Oklahomans by 2027 under the federal House GOP tax proposal

Source: ITEP

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“My response is until they have, they have not. Until there is a solution that has been voted on, agreed on, and voted on and communicated to the agency, they have not come up with a solution.”

–  Brett Coble, president of the board for the Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers, defending state agency heads’ decisions to send letters of notification to Oklahomans who may lose services due to the state budget crisis despite lawmakers’ promises that they would provide the necessary funding. (Source)

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