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The Weekly Wonk: Investing in student needs | Protecting the Census | Criminal justice system: Policy notes & numbers

Investing in student needs; Businesses led change when elected officials didn't; Protecting the Census; Public service and 'the highest calling'; Criminal justice policy notes & numbers.


Undedicated higher education CARES funding should be invested in students’ immediate needs

Colleges and universities should dedicate CARES Act funding to help ensure students have access to necessities such as food and housing. This can significantly reduce the number of students forced to drop out of school due to financial hardship and help secure Oklahoma’s economic recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19.


OK Policy statement cutting short Census field operations

On August 3, the Census Bureau announced it would cut short its operations timeline as it works to ensure a full and complete count for everyone living in the United States. The Census Bureau previously announced it would have enumerators in the field until the end of October. Yesterday’s announcement lops an additional 30 days