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Bill Watch: A wide range of education issues on lawmakers’ agenda

Legislators filed approximately 2,800 bills this session, and about 250 of those dealt with education. This list below only touches the surface of those headed through the Legislature, but they could have considerable impact on Oklahoma's schools.


New legislators taking on overlooked problems (Capitol Update)

This year's crop of bills reflects the priorities of an unusually large group of new and almost new legislators. The priorities include a willingness to work on social issues that in the past may have been overlooked.


The Weekly Wonk: Shrinking school support staff; how Gov. Stitt can fix the parole process; bills to watch; & more…

While school enrollment in Oklahoma has been increasing steadily over the last decade, there are 391 fewer support professionals in our schools. How Governor Stitt can use his executive powers to fix parole. Why Oklahoma's Medicaid agency should withdraw a rule to terminate health care coverage over returned mail. Issues we're watching on the budget, taxes, and health care.