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Save the Date: Our 2019 State Budget Summit is January 24, 2019. Tickets will go on sale Monday, December 10th. 

Voting & Elections

Featured Report
June 6th, 2018

  Click below to jump to section: Oklahoma State Questions Candidate/Elections Information Important Dates Voter Tools    Oklahoma State Questions  In addition to state and national races, voters will decide five state questions on November 6th. State Question 793 – a citizen-initiated referendum to allow optometrists and opticians to operate in retail establishments; State Question 794 – expanding the constitutional rights  Continue Reading »

Recent Articles & Reports
November 5th, 2018

Steve Lewis served as Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1989-1991. He currently practices law in Tulsa and represents clients at the Capitol. Finally. It’s election week. This is one of those few elections in recent years in Oklahoma when things seem too close to call. Usually the statewide campaigns with money to spare have a good idea of where  Continue Reading »

October 30th, 2018

Events of the last week have shaken all of us at Oklahoma Policy Institute, as they have many Oklahomans. Terrible violence based on hatred of another person’s race, religion, or ethnicity has existed throughout our country’s history, but so have courageous people coming together to stand against it. While we mourn the victims in Pittsburgh and Kentucky and worry for  Continue Reading »

October 16th, 2018

The OKPolicyCast is hosted by Gene Perry and produced by Gene Perry and Jessica Vazquez. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or RSS. The podcast theme music is by Zébre. If you have any questions for the OKPolicyCast, topics you’d like us to cover, or people you want us to interview, you can reach us at In recent years, Oklahoma has seen some of  Continue Reading »