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The Weekly Wonk: Health care working group meets; partial Medicaid expansion is rejected, & more

On our policy blog, a guest post notes that the Administration's rejection of partial Medicaid expansion in Utah should spur states like Oklahoma to move forward with full expansion instead of harmful alternatives that leave people without coverage. [More...]

Meet OK Policy: Damion Shade, Criminal Justice Policy Analyst

Kris Steele, the Director of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, likes to say "There's no such thing as a spare Oklahoman." Honestly, that sentiment helps drag me out of bed many mornings. [More...]

Trump Administration reaches right decision for wrong reasons on partial Medicaid expansion (Guest Post: Jessica Schubel)

The Administration’s decision to deny enhanced federal funding for partial expansion will protect coverage for millions of people who have it. It should also spur more states that have been considering partial expansion or other alternatives, such as Georgia and Oklahoma, to move forward with full expansion instead. [More...]

Standardized tests fail the test (Capitol Update)

Giving whole schools performance evaluations and comparing them based on a standardized testing regime, regardless of the situations in the lives of the students, their parents, or the community, has become the norm... The result is standardized curricula forced on teachers, regardless of the needs of their students and teaching to the test as a matter of self-defense. No wonder teachers are in short supply. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: 7th annual Summer Policy Institute kicks off #okspi

This week, the OK Policy team has been working diligently to prepare for the 7th annual Summer Policy Insititute, a four-day program that will bring together more than 60 of Oklahoma's brightest undergraduate and graduate students for an immersion in state policy issues. [More...]

Meet OK Policy: Maggie den Harder, Mental Health Policy Fellow

As a Mental Health Policy Fellow, I research, write, advocate, and learn about mental health and substance abuse policies, regulations, programs, and resources. [More...]

New budget oversight office has LOFTy goals

Tuesday will mark the beginning of a new relationship between the legislature, the governor and state agencies. It will be interesting to see how it develops [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Medicaid expansion signature-gathering to begin; Northeast Oklahoma field organizer, & more

This week, advocates will begin collecting signatures to place the Oklahoma Medicaid expansion ballot initiative, State Question 802, on the ballot. [More...]

Meet OK Policy: Justice Data Analyst Ashley Harvey

Ashley Harvey I provide data related to Oklahoma justice processes; to do this I gather, clean, validate, and document data from various source. [More...]

Speaker McCall greenlights nearly 100 interim studies (Capitol Update)

You can't read a lot into the 50 request denials. The Speaker doesn't have to give a reason, and his reason may be different for different requests and different members. It could be that he likes the idea but wants some other member to take the lead or he doesn't like the idea and doesn't want it to gain traction. In some instances, it may be about the author. [More...]

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