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Leadership change at Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs (Capitol Update)

 After 19 years of advocacy for mental health services, Steve Buck came to the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs with a strong commitment to serving youth, tempered with an eye toward the most efficient expenditure of taxpayer money. His primary goal was prevention, always seeking to follow the data and make services available to troubled youth as early as possible. He insisted the best chance of success in a young person's life, at the least cost to taxpayers, is early intervention with evidence-based or evidence-informed services. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Using advocacy tools to effect change, supporting working Oklahomans, and more

In her weekly Journal Record column, OK Policy Executive Director Ahniwake Rose focused on how Oklahomans can use advocacy to make changes they wish to see in the state. OK Policy and its Together Oklahoma advocacy program held a series of community conversations last week about  supporting working Oklahomans through smart policy decisions, including making the Earned Income Tax Credit refundable again. [More...]

Watching for potential changes to ‘non-economic’ damages (Capitol update)

There is an issue flying under the radar that may surface sometime during the Legislative session. This is the placing of a statutory cap on what are called "non-economic" damages in personal injury cases. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Top 10 ways Oklahoma can become a Top 10 state (and how to measure it)

On Monday, Governor Stitt delivered his State of the State address where he provided his vision for how Oklahoma can move forward. [More...]

OK Policy 2020 State of the State response

Oklahoma’s leadership has consistently called for the state to achieve Top 10 status. The rhetoric, however, often lacks a yardstick about how we measure our state’s success.  [More...]

Mental health services could be impacted by Medicaid expansion alternative, leadership change (Capitol Update)

In the run-up to the Legislative session beginning this week, two things happened that could affect mental health services for thousands of Oklahomans. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: 2020 focus areas, Medicaid expansion, COLA, and more

During comments in Washington D.C. on Thursday, Gov. Stitt laid out the tenets for his health care plan to counter Medicaid expansion efforts. The plan includes elements that will inevitably draw lawsuits from health care organizations and advocates who fight to protect the rights and coverage of low-income residents. [More...]

It’s past time to support our retired public servants

Retired Oklahoma state and local public servants have now gone 10 years without a cost of living adjustment, while inflation has eaten away at their income. [More...]

Proposed bill would address needed alternatives to school suspensions (Capitol Update)

Most educators will tell you suspension doesn't work for the children. They act out, get suspended then return to school, behind in their work and either embarrassed or pleased by their suspension. Often nothing is offered to the child during suspension but days off from school. Suspension becomes a feeder for the criminal justice system. [More...]

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