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Meet OK Policy: Nicole Poindexter, Outreach and Legislative Liaison

My favorite thing about doing this work is that I get to help change the lives of Oklahomans in real ways. [More...]

Fixing Oklahoma’s outdated criminal code could be a great step forward but policymakers should be wary of risks.

Reform of the state's criminal code is long overdue — as the code is a major driver of Oklahoma’s expensive incarceration crisis. [More...]

Justice reform for the children (Capitol Update)

These are sobering findings for Oklahomans struggling to overcome the political hurdles preventing us from dealing with overincarceration [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Incarcerated youth; meet Sabine Brown; & more

This week, we wrapped up our analysis of Open Justice Oklahoma's (OJO) recent juvenile justice report by exploring how incarceration can disrupt youths' lives. [More...]

To minimize disruption to youths’ lives, Oklahoma must continue to reduce juvenile incarceration

For justice-involved youth, current systems can remove them from educational opportunities, family, and community during a critical time in their lives, often severing their link to meaningful relationships and inadvertently further embedding them into a life of crime. [More...]

Stop complaining about SQ 780 and make it work (Capitol Update)

Before SQ 780, thousands of people afflicted with a drug problem were arrested and sent to prison. The people of Oklahoma took control of this issue. It's time now for DAs and sheriffs to quit complaining about it and make it work. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Racial disparities in juvenile justice; Hepatitis C in prisons, & more

This week, we revisited Open Justice Oklahoma's (OJO) recent report which found that while juvenile crime in Oklahoma has plummeted, racial and local disparities remain. [More...]

All Oklahoma children deserve a fair and equal juvenile justice system

The justice system will continue to be unfair to people of color unless lawmakers take deliberate steps to fix it. Closing the gap in these disparities for youth is necessary for long-term justice reform in our state. [More...]

Hepatitis C in Oklahoma prisons is an expensive time bomb

Oklahoma must invest in a comprehensive treatment plan for the growing hepatitis C crisis in our prisons before the cost of treatment and the human toll of this crisis become unmanageable.   [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Poverty week; no good reason not to expand Medicaid; & more

This week, we focused on poverty in Oklahoma and emphasized policy solutions to help our families get ahead. [More...]

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