The Weekly Wonk: Criminal justice reform opportunities; immigrant access to basic services; and more

During the 2018 legislative session, lawmakers created a group of 22 stakeholders who have the opportunity to fundamentally transform Oklahoma’s justice system for the better: the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Reclassification Coordination Council. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Incarcerated youth; meet Sabine Brown; & more

This week, we wrapped up our analysis of Open Justice Oklahoma's (OJO) recent juvenile justice report by exploring how incarceration can disrupt youths' lives. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Racial disparities in juvenile justice; Hepatitis C in prisons, & more

This week, we revisited Open Justice Oklahoma's (OJO) recent report which found that while juvenile crime in Oklahoma has plummeted, racial and local disparities remain. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Poverty week; no good reason not to expand Medicaid; & more

This week, we focused on poverty in Oklahoma and emphasized policy solutions to help our families get ahead. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Reinvesting in justice-involved youth; protect mothers and babies by expanding Medicaid; & more

This week, we took another dive into the newest report by Open Justice Oklahoma (OJO) which details Oklahoma’s massive, decades-long declines in juvenile crime and arrests. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Juvenile crime and incarceration plummets; Oklahoma’s budget challenges; & more

This week, we released a new report by Open Justice Oklahoma which found that while juvenile crime and incarceration rates have fallen dramatically, deep racial and local disparities remain. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: OK Policy’s new director; false claims on SQ 780; demanding responsible gun policies; & more

This week marks the start of a new era in the history of Oklahoma Policy Institute as Ahniwake Rose takes over the helm as Executive Director, succeeding longtime director David Blatt. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: SQ 802 endorsement; restoring the EITC; public charge rule, & (much) more

What’s up this week at Oklahoma Policy Institute? The Weekly Wonk shares our most recent publications and other resources to help you stay informed about Oklahoma. Numbers of the Day and Policy Notes are from our daily news briefing, In… Read more [More...]

Weekly Wonk: OK Policy expands advocacy team; rural hospitals in crisis, & more

This week, we announced that we've expanded our advocacy team: Nicole Poindexter has joined the organization as a full-time Outreach and Legislative Liaison and that Kyle Lawson has been promoted to a new position as Senior Field Organizer. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Health care working group meets; partial Medicaid expansion is rejected, & more

On our policy blog, a guest post notes that the Administration's rejection of partial Medicaid expansion in Utah should spur states like Oklahoma to move forward with full expansion instead of harmful alternatives that leave people without coverage. [More...]