The Weekly Wonk: Managed care is bad investment for Oklahoma | SQ 805: Focus on Facts | Law enforcement reform

Managed care is a bad investment for Oklahoma; Policy Matters: Focus on facts when considering SQ 805; Interim studies highlight how other states passed meaningful law enforcement reform (Capitol Update); Policy notes and numbers [More...]

Weekly Wonk: Addressing SQ 805 misinformation | Medicaid expansion’s full potential | Blood sport politics

Addressing misinformation about SQ 805; Ensuring Medicaid expansion delivers on its full potential; An early look at the FY 2022 budget (Capitol Update); Policy Matters: Blood sport politics has weakened state, country. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Fact sheets available for SQ 805 & 814 | School meals are lifeline for Oklahoma families | Proposed state race and equality commission

Non-partisan fact sheets on the upcoming state questions; Policy Matters: Voting story provides much-needed affirmation; School meals are a lifeline for Oklahoma families; Interim study considers proposed state race and equality commission (Capitol Update); Announcing OK Policy's Fall 2020 interns and fellows. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: COVID-19 in Oklahoma prisons is a moral emergency | Interim studies examine police reform | Building community unity

COVID-19 in Oklahoma prisons is a moral emergency; Policy Matters: Fulfilling our moral responsibility; Interim studies examine police reform measures; Building Community Unity. [More...]

Too many Oklahomans live in poverty, but addressing it takes multifaceted approach (Weekly Wonk)

Census data show Oklahoma still lags nation in poverty rate; Policy Matters: Poverty is an issue, now more than ever; Education Secretary appointment may set up interesting dynamic; State has a moral and legal duty to protect inmates from COVID-19. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Congress needs to deliver bipartisan relief bill | State moving away from private prisons | More

Policy Matters: ‘Skinny’ relief bill is inadequate; Oklahoma’s move away from private prisons (Capitol Update); Oklahomans deserve transparency from state leaders. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Every vote counts | Voting & elections: Policy notes and numbers | We’re hiring!

Every vote counts; Voting & elections: Policy notes and numbers; We're hiring! [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Closer look at SQ 802 results | Parole reform successes | Census matters for rural Oklahoma

A closer look at SQ 802 results; Parole reform was crucial in ending Oklahoma’s status as the world’s prison capital; Varied backgrounds of elected officials can bring innovative solutions; Policy Matters: Accurate census count invaluable for rural Oklahomans. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Funding Medicaid expansion | Addressing the eviction crisis | Justice reform measures working

Medicaid expansion will be the best investment we’ve ever made; Eviction crisis likely to be important issue next session; Justice reform efforts deliver results; Accurate Census count needed. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Additional federal relief | Installment loans | Justice reform | Shared sacrifices

Policy Matters: Federal relief funds help Oklahomans in need; Installment loans not the answer to financial hardship; Burglary reclassification is another measurable win for criminal justice reform; Providing legal representation could begin to fix Oklahoma’s broken eviction process. [More...]