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In The Know: White House report warns state inaction will increase virus cases | Oklahoma Day of Prayer | Redistricting meetings need to engage all Oklahomans

COVID-19 records of today will be dwarfed by January if Oklahoma does nothing, White House warns; Oklahoma reports 54 new COVID-19 deaths; health commissioner calls infection rate alarming; State funding for free COVID-19 testing at IMMY Labs in Norman set to run out; [More...]

In The Know: OKC hospitals turn to overflow tents | Contract tracing needs to be redesigned | Taskforce address childhood trauma

Oklahoma City hospitals turn to COVID-19 overflow tents; Record shattered for COVID-19 patient count as Oklahoma hospitals try to keep up; Strained by surge, Oklahoma contact tracing operations ‘need to be redesigned’; [More...]

In The Know: Gov. declares Thursday as day of prayer, fasting | Hospital workers describe ‘bleak’ conditions | State shattered virus records in October

Stitt declares day of prayer and fasting for Oklahomans affected by COVID-19; Oklahoma's healthcare workers say COVID surge has made hospital atmospheres 'bleak'; COVID-19: 2,200 new cases reported in Oklahoma with more than 1,700 hospitalized; [More...]

In The Know: Difficult budget year ahead | Virus rates among young growing | COVID-19 positive health care workers can keep working

Young see largest increase in COVID-19 case rates since October, Tulsa World analysis shows; Oklahoma reports 1,721 new coronavirus cases, 19 more deaths; Asymptomatic health care workers with COVID-19 allowed to continue working in Oklahoma; [More...]

In The Know: More cities add mask orders, but it remains flashpoint for state | Third state veterans center sees outbreak | More

After 1,600 deaths and counting, mask mandate remains flashpoint in Oklahoma; Third Oklahoma veterans center sees COVID-19 outbreak; COVID-19: Record for new cases set in Oklahoma as 15 more deaths reported; [More...]

In The Know: Virus straining state’s rural hospitals | Gov.’s office expressed private support for local mask rules | Special session needed

Oklahoma’s coronavirus surge is leaving rural areas struggling to find beds for critically ill patients; Active Coronavirus cases pop up in prison towns, suburbs; Doctor: Oklahoma virus restrictions ‘too little, too late’; [More...]

In The Know: Gov. eyes surgery restrictions, not masks, as next step | More cities implement mask orders | City, county officials paint dire picture

Stitt: Next course of action halting elective surgeries, not mask mandate; Oklahoma governor’s holiday plans flout CDC, virus surge; Grove council mandates masks; [More...]

In The Know: Virus rates climbed after Halloween | Managed care harms Native communities | ‘Pretty please’ isn’t working

Halloween to blame as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise 'week over week,' White House report states; ‘It Was Hell’: Inside an Oklahoma prison coronavirus outbreak; Vaccine release will bring distribution challenges; [More...]

In The Know: Media report looks at Gov.’s early virus response | Fines & fees worsen economic crisis | Addressing childhood poverty

'This is all I have': Governor's targeted restrictions on restaurants and bars draws mixed reviews; Confusion, defiance and focus on ‘personal responsibility’ shaped Gov. Stitt’s initial pandemic response; ‘They’ve been following the science’: How the Covid-19 pandemic has been curtailed in Cherokee Nation; [More...]


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