Joint Statement: Actions to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice System

Nine Oklahoma organizations have come together to urge elected officials and state officials to take urgent action to manage the serious threat of a COVID-19 outbreak in Oklahoma Corrections facilities.  [More...]

Statement: Oklahoma needs to account for all students as schools move to distance learning

As Oklahoma schools are pivoting to distance learning to complete the spring 2020 semester, education officials need to ensure all students have equal access.  [More...]

OK Policy: Oklahoma making mockery of public hearing process

"The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is making a mockery of the public hearing process and appears oblivious to the fact that there is a national health emergency occurring." [More...]

Statement Re: Submission of Gov. Stitt’s Health Care Proposal

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority on Friday submitted the Governor’s Medicaid expansion proposal to federal officials. We are disappointed to hear that the Governor continues to push his personal plan for Oklahoma healthcare versus the vetted, proven, and citizen-backed strategy… Read more [More...]

OK Policy Statement on SB 1046 – Funding for Governor’s Medicaid Proposal

Background:  Oklahoma lawmakers on Wednesday were slated to consider SB 1046 that contained a key funding mechanism for Gov. Kevin Stitt’s proposed Medicaid alternative plan, which is untested and will face lengthy legal challenges. Comment from the Oklahoma Policy Institute:… Read more [More...]

OK Policy 2020 State of the State response

Oklahoma’s leadership has consistently called for the state to achieve Top 10 status. The rhetoric, however, often lacks a yardstick about how we measure our state’s success.  [More...]

Statement about Proposed Medicaid Expansion Alternative in Oklahoma

The plan includes elements that will inevitably draw lawsuits from health care organizations and advocates who fight to protect the rights and coverage low-income residents. [More...]

OK Policy Statement on the Criminal Justice RESTORE Task Force report and need for legislative action

The Criminal Justice RESTORE Task Force report released today identified some positive ideas to address needs within Oklahoma’s justice system, but it lacks bold – and specific – legislative changes to fully match the scale of Oklahoma’s incarceration crisis.  [More...]

OK Policy comments on revenue certification

Oklahoma lawmakers should have about $206.8 million, or 2.5 percent, more available funds for essential state services during the budget year that starts July 1, 2020, based on estimated revenue numbers released Friday by the Oklahoma Board of Equalization. The estimated revenue figures certified Friday show the state should expect a modest increase in revenue. When those figures are run through the state’s budget formula, however, it shows a substantially higher availability of new budget dollars than might initially appear.  [More...]

OK Policy names new Communications Director

The Oklahoma Policy Institute has named Dave Hamby as its communications director to oversee the organization’s communication and media relations programs. [More...]