OK Policy Statement, Re: Budget Agreement Announced on May 22, 2024

We are grateful that legislative leaders held extended budget discussions in a public forum this month. This process opened new levels of fiscal transparency that Oklahomans deserve when it comes to seeing how their tax dollars are spent. [More...]

OK Policy Institute to Host FREE Sales Tax Relief Credit Virtual Town Hall Meeting Thursday, May 9

Oklahoma has a tax credit on the books designed to help low- and middle-income families, but the amount of the credit hasn't been adjusted in more than three decades. OK Policy and TogetherOK will host a virtual town hall on Thursday, May 9, so Oklahomans can learn how they can increase the value of their Sales Tax Relief Credit for tax savings.  [More...]

Fact Check: Has Oklahoma’s larceny rate skyrocketed since SQ 780 was passed in 2016? No. 

Some lawmakers and others have shared OSBI data purporting to show a dramatic increase in larceny, shoplifting, or other property crimes. OSBI has said those spikes were created by changes in data reporting, not increases in crime.  [More...]

Statement: Elimination of grocery sales tax is far too little support for low- and middle-income families

While elimination of the state portion of the grocery sales tax provides a measure of financial relief to some Oklahomans, it’s far too little support for our low - and middle-income families and seniors who need it most.  [More...]

Fact check: Would Oklahomans still pay sales tax on groceries if lawmakers cut the grocery sales tax?

The most likely bills that lawmakers are considering for cutting the grocery sales tax only eliminate the state portion of the sales tax on groceries, which is 4.5 percent. Under these measures, Oklahomans buying groceries would still be paying city sales/use taxes (up to 5.5 percent) and county sales taxes (up to 2.5 percent). [More...]

Statement: Eliminating the state portion of grocery sales tax isn’t the most effective way to deliver fiscal relief

Given available options, eliminating the state portion of the sales tax on groceries is neither fiscally responsible nor the most effective way to put money back in pockets of everyday Oklahomans. [More...]

Fact Check: The impact of a .25-percent income tax cut to Oklahoma taxpayers

Oklahoma Capitol Proposal The governor has proposed an across-the-board .25-percent cut to the state’s personal income tax. This proposal will be the focus on a legislative special session on Monday, Jan. 29.  How this impacts Oklahomans The Institute on Taxation and Economic… Read more [More...]

National experts say Oklahoma is part of a damaging tax-cutting trend

Attempts by Oklahoma elected officials to reduce or eliminate the state’s personal income tax are part of a national tax-cutting trend that could undermine funding for the shared services that can move our state out of the bottom 10 states for quality of life and overall well-being for all Oklahomans. [More...]

Comments from OK Policy’s Shiloh Kantz, on Jan. 24 National Press Call about Cutting State Taxes

Media Release: National experts say Oklahoma is part of a damaging tax-cutting trend For more information, contact Dave Hamby, Oklahoma Policy Institute, (918) 810-0182, dhamby@okpolicy.org – – – During the past few decades, Oklahoma has become one of the nation’s… Read more [More...]

Statement regarding the governor’s latest call for special session (Jan 2024)

On Tuesday, the governor issued a call for a special session on Jan. 29, asking lawmakers to pass a .25-percent cut to the state’s personal income tax.   Statement from the Oklahoma Policy Institute:  Instead of grandstanding with yet another… Read more [More...]