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Numbers of the Day

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Tuesday, November 24

Graduation success rate of Oklahoma State University football players (defined as earning a degree within 6 years of entering school). The graduation success rate of University of Oklahoma football players was 65 percent.

Source: NCAA

Monday, November 23

Number of Department of Veterans Affairs facilities in Oklahoma

Source: Census Bureau.

Friday, November 20

Decrease in the number of Oklahoma youth committed to juvenile justice facilities from 2001 to 2013.

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts.

Thursday, November 19

Number of medical school graduates in Oklahoma in 2014 (does not include graduates of osteopathic medicine)

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Wednesday, November 18

Percentage of Oklahoma minimum wage earners who are women (2014).

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tuesday, November 17

Foreign-born population in Oklahoma in 2014.

Source: U.S. Census

Monday, November 16

Number of births in Oklahoma in 2013

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation.

Tuesday, November 10

Estimated annual cost of food for a household consisting of one adult and one child in Oklahoma

Source: Living Wage Calculator.

Monday, November 9

Acres of irrigated farmland in Oklahoma in 2012, down from 534,768 acres in 2007.

Source: USDA

Friday, November 6

Preterm birth rate in Oklahoma in 2014. The US average was 9.6%.

Source: March of Dimes.

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