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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, May 22

Percentage of female inmates at Eddie Warrior Correctional Center who currently have a mental illness.

Source: Department of Corrections via Oklahoma Watch.

Thursday, May 21

Median annual property taxes paid by Oklahomans in 2013.

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts.

Wednesday, May 20

Decrease in funding for state services in Oklahoma’s fiscal year 2016 budget proposal compared to this year.

Source: FY 16 Budget Agreement Summary

Tuesday, May 19

Percentage of renting households in Oklahoma whose total rent consumes more than half of the household’s income.

Source: US Census American Community Survey

Monday, May 18

Percentage of managed honeybee colonies lost in Oklahoma from 2014 to 2015, the biggest loss in the nation.

Source: Bee Informed Partnership

Friday, May 15
10,105 students

The drop in enrollment at Oklahoma colleges and universities over the past year, a decrease of 5.5% between Spring 2014 and Spring 2015.

Source: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Thursday, May 14

Years of potential life lost before age 75 per 100,000 population (premature death) in Oklahoma. The US median is 7,681.

Source: 2015 County Health Rankings.

Wednesday, May 13

Number of mine-resistant vehicles owned by Oklahoma law enforcement through a program that allows the military to transfer surplus equipment to law enforcement agencies

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts.

Tuesday, May 12

2014 state spending per child enrolled in pre-K in Oklahoma, down nearly 25 percent from $4,885 in 2010.

Source: National Institute for Early Education Research

Monday, May 11
12.57 inches

Amount of rain recorded in the last 7 days at the Minco, OK Mesonet station, the highest in the state.

Source: Oklahoma Mesonet

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