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Thursday, October 2

Number of critical access hospitals in Oklahoma. Hospitals designated critical access hospitals are typically small (no more than 25 beds) and rural, and are the only acute-care option in isolated areas.

Source: Kaiser Health News.

Wednesday, October 1

Number of Oklahoma children who received subsidized childcare in 2013 so their parents can participate in employment or education.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Tuesday, September 30

The median hourly wage for statisticians in Oklahoma.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Monday, September 29
3 to 1

How much suicide deaths in Oklahoma outnumber homicides.

Source: State of the State’s Health 2014.

Friday, September 26

Unintentional injury deaths in Oklahoma in 2012, 1 out of every 16 deaths in the state that year. The leading causes of unintentional injury death include poisonings, motor vehicle crashes, and falls.

Source: State of the State’s Health 2014.

Thursday, September 25
$2.55 million

How much Oklahoma put in a fund to reimburse uncompensated care at community health centers this year — less than one-third of what they said they will need, and even less than the $3.12 million FY 2014 funding that ran out before half the year was over.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Wednesday, September 24

Poverty rate for Native Americans in Oklahoma in 2013, 6.1 percentage points higher than the state as a whole.

Source: Census Bureau via

Tuesday, September 23

Percentage of Oklahoma nursing homes with “severe deficiencies,” defined as violations of state or federal law that resulted in resident injury, abuse, neglect or death.

Source: Families for Better Care

Monday, September 22

The poverty rate for women in Oklahoma, 1.5 percentage points higher than the state as a whole.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau via

Friday, September 19

Percentage of Oklahomans in poverty in 2013, according to data released by the Census Bureau yesterday.

Source: US Census Bureau.

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