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Friday, July 31

Typical property taxes for a median-value home in Oklahoma City, 42nd highest out of the 50 largest cities in the U.S. Tulsa ranked 41st, with $1,644 in property taxes for a median-value home.

Source: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Thursday, July 30

Number of Oklahomans with developmental disabilities on a waiting list for home- and community-based services (as of March 2015)

Source: OKDHS.

Wednesday, July 29
36.8 percent

Percentage of veterans in Oklahoma who served during the Vietnam era, compared to 30.7 percent who served since the first Gulf War.

Source: US Census American Community Survey

Tuesday, July 28

Number of Oklahomans with one or more disabilities, 15.6 percent of the state’s population.

Source: U.S. Census American Community Survey

Monday, July 27

The average per person monthly assistance for Oklahomans who received SNAP (food stamp) benefits in FY 2014.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services via OK Policy

Friday, July 24

Percentage of Oklahoma births covered by Medicaid in fiscal year 2014.

Source: Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Thursday, July 23

Number of jobs Oklahoma has lost since December 2014, more than any state except West Virginia.

Source: Governing

Wednesday, July 22

Percentage of low-income, uninsured Oklahomans with a serious mental illness or substance abuse condition, for a total of 47,261 Oklahomans.

Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office

Tuesday, July 21
17 percent

Share of households in the Lawton metro area with “severe cost burdens” because housing costs consumed more than 50 percent of their income. Lawton has the highest percentage of residents burdened by housing costs in the state.

Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies

Monday, July 20

The number of Oklahoma workers employed at “food services and drinking places”, the largest employment sector in the state, in the 3rd quarter of 2014. Workers in this sector also made the lowest average monthly earnings in the state at $1,171.

Source: U.S. Census Quarterly Workforce Indicators

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