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Tuesday, September 2

Oklahoma’s ranking nationwide for the rate of African-Americans killed by law enforcement, 1999-2011.

Source: Sunlight Foundation

Friday, August 29

Year at which the Garber-Wellington aquifer, which supplies water to Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Sherman, and other towns, will be 50 percent depleted if usage continues at current rates

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board via KGOU

Thursday, August 28
11 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma children who have witnessed domestic violence in their home, the highest rate in the nation.

Source: Child Trends

Wednesday, August 27
$6.3 million

Direct spending by out-of-state and international travelers in Oklahoma in 2010.

Source: U.S. Travel Association.

Tuesday, August 26

Percentage of people with diabetes in Oklahoma. The national average is 9.7%

Source: 2014 State of the State’s Health.

Monday, August 25

Oklahomans’ per capita spending on energy in 2012, 12th highest in the nation

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Friday, August 22

The value of goods and services that can be purchased for $100 in Oklahoma, compared to the national average

Source: Tax Foundation.

Thursday, August 21

Total number of motor vehicles registered in Oklahoma in 2011

Source: U.S. Office of Highway Policy Information.

Wednesday, August 20
34.4 million

Acres of farmland in Oklahoma, comprising 77% of all land in the state.

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Tuesday, August 19

Oklahoma’s unemployment rate in July, up slightly from June’s unemployment rate (4.5%)

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

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