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Tuesday, November 25

Percentage of calls to Oklahoma’s child abuse and neglect hotline in 2013 that were reporting abuse and/or neglect of an adult

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Monday, November 24

Median annual wage of a petroleum engineer in Oklahoma in 2013.

Source: OESC 2013 Wage Report.

Friday, November 21
$4.070 billion

Total value of all goods traded between Oklahoma City and Tulsa in 2010. Both cities were each other’s second largest trading partner among major cities, with Dallas, TX as the largest trading partner.

Source: Brookings Institute

Thursday, November 20

Percent of LGBT students in Oklahoma who reported being physically assaulted in the last year due to their sexual orientation, the 3rd highest percentage in the US

Source: The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network via Huffington Post.

Friday, November 14

Number of seniors who received meals through statewide nutrition sites in 2013

Source: OKDHS State of Change 2013.

Thursday, November 13

Poverty rate for African-Americans in Oklahoma, nearly double the white poverty rate.

Source: OK Policy’s 2013 Poverty Profile.

Wednesday, November 12

Number of children found to be victims of abuse and/or neglect in Oklahoma in 2013.

Source: OKDHS State of Change 2013.

Tuesday, November 11

Federal funds that would be invested in Oklahoma for every $1 of state money spent if the state were to expand health coverage to low-income Oklahomans.

Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Monday, November 10
$251 million

How much Oklahoma’s spending on incarceration increased from 1986 to 2013, adjusted for inflation. Over that period, Oklahoma’s spending on incarceration increased 120 percent.

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Friday, November 7

Number of obstetricians and gynecologists working in Oklahoma in 2013

Source: OESC 2013 Wage Report.

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