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Wednesday, May 6

Percentage of Oklahoma families with income below 200% of the federal poverty level.

Source: The Working Poor Families Project

Tuesday, May 5

Percent of Oklahoma children living in single parent households.

Source: 2015 County Health Rankings

Monday, May 4

Percentage of Oklahoma 18-25 year olds who reported using marijuana in the past year (2012-2013).

Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Friday, May 1

Number of newly diagnosed chlamydia cases per 100,000 in Oklahoma in 2012. The US median was 291.

Source: 2015 County Health Rankings.

Thursday, April 30

Number of uninsured veterans in Oklahoma with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level who have a mental illness

Source: American Mental Health Counselors Association.

Wednesday, April 29

Number of bison in captivity in Oklahoma in 2012

Source: 2012 Census of Agriculture

Tuesday, April 28
$18.4 million

Total spending by visitors to national parks in Oklahoma in 2014.

Source: National Park Service

Monday, April 27

Number of uninsured Oklahomans with a serious mental health disorder who could receive treatment if the state accepted federal funds to expand health coverage.

Source: American Mental Health Counselors Association

Friday, April 24
8.6 miles

Typical commute for Oklahoma City metro residents. The typical commute for the Tulsa metro is 8.0 miles.

Source: Governing.

Thursday, April 23

Percentage of Oklahoma residents who said they had a great deal or a fair amount of trust in state government when it comes to handling state problems.

Source: Gallup

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