Numbers of the Day

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Tuesday, July 29

Percentage of Oklahomans with “minimal fruit consumption”; the national average is 37.7%.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health 

Monday, July 28

Bushels of soybeans produced by Oklahoma farmers in 2013.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture, National Agriculture Statistics Service.

Friday, July 25

Percentage of wage and salary workers in Oklahoma that were members of a union in 2013.

Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Thursday, July 24

Average teacher base salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and ten years of teaching experience in Oklahoma.

Source: Center for American Progress

Wednesday, July 23

Number of laboratory-confirmed cases of rabies in Oklahoma during 2013.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health

Tuesday, July 22

Number of women in the Oklahoma legislature out of 149 legislators, the 3rd lowest percentage in the nation.

Source: Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics

Monday, July 21

Number of beginning farmers in Oklahoma in 2012, down from 26,880 in 2002.

Source: USDA Census of Agriculture, via Farmland Information Center.

Friday, July 18
9 percent

Percentage decline in Oklahoma’s teen birth rate from 2012 to 2013

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health via the Tulsa World.

Thursday, July 17

Number of Oklahoma high schools with a dropout rate above 40 percent for the Class of 2012.

Source: Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program

Tuesday, July 15
2,700,990 tons

Total tonnage processed by the Port of Catoosa in 2013.

Source: The Journal Record