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Tuesday, September 23

Percentage of Oklahoma nursing homes with “severe deficiencies,” defined as violations of state or federal law that resulted in resident injury, abuse, neglect or death.

Source: Families for Better Care

Monday, September 22

The poverty rate for women in Oklahoma, 1.5 percentage points higher than the state as a whole.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau via

Friday, September 19

Percentage of Oklahomans in poverty in 2013, according to data released by the Census Bureau yesterday.

Source: US Census Bureau.

Thursday, September 18
65.5 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma pregnant women who receive first trimester prenatal care. The national average is 73.1 percent.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health

Wednesday, September 17

Number of the Oklahoma children whose parents lacked secure employment in 2012, 30 percent of all kids in the state.

Source: Annie E Casey Foundation 2014 Kids Count Data Book.

Tuesday, September 16
92 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma women killed by men in 2012 whose killer was someone they knew. A new report ranks Oklahoma 3rd in the US for the rate of women killed by men.

Source: Violence Policy Center

Monday, September 15

Canadian County’s ranking out of 3,135 U.S. counties in a New York Times analysis of the least and most difficult places to live in the country, the best ranking of any Oklahoma county.

Source: The New York Times via NewsOK.

Friday, September 12

Median home price in Oklahoma in 2013

Source: Urban Institute.

Thursday, September 11

Oklahoma’s ranking for the well-being of girls in the state. Factors considered included physical health and safety, economic well-being, education, emotional health and extracurricular activities.

Source: Girl Scouts of America

Wednesday, September 10

Average mortgage debt in Oklahoma in 2013

Source: Urban Institute

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