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Friday, December 19

Cost of a bear hunting license for Oklahoma residents in the 2014-2015 hunting season. (The cost is $506 for non-residents.)

Source: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation .

Thursday, December 18

Average premium increase of health insurance plans purchased on in Oklahoma if Attorney General Pruitt’s lawsuit against the health care law is successful ($75/month to $277/month).

Source: Center for American Progress.

Wednesday, December 17

Percentage of women entering the state correctional system in 2013 with a moderate to high need for substance abuse treatment.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Tuesday, December 16

Number of cases of malaria reported in Oklahoma in 2013

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health Acute Disease Service.

Monday, December 15
42 percent

Percentage of all arrests made in Oklahoma in 2014 that were related to drugs or alcohol.

Source: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Friday, December 12

Number of babies born to women incarcerated in Mabel Basset Correctional Center in 2013.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Thursday, December 11

Percentage of households in Oklahoma that do not have bank accounts. The US average is 8.2%.

Source: CFED Assets & Opportunity Scorecard

Wednesday, December 10

The season limit on bobcat hunting in Oklahoma (per license)

Source: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Tuesday, December 9

Percentage of women incarcerated in Oklahoma who experienced childhood physical and/or sexual abuse.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Monday, December 8

Number of people working as embalmers in Oklahoma in 2013.

Source: OESC 2013 Wage Report.

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