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Friday, April 24
8.6 miles

Typical commute for Oklahoma City metro residents. The typical commute for the Tulsa metro is 8.0 miles.

Source: Governing.

Thursday, April 23

Percentage of Oklahoma residents who said they had a great deal or a fair amount of trust in state government when it comes to handling state problems.

Source: Gallup

Wednesday, April 22

Percent of the population of Cherokee County who identified as white and non-Hispanic in 2013, down from 55.2 percent in 2000. Cherokee County was one of two Oklahoma counties that became majority non-white since 2000.

Source: Pew Research Center

Tuesday, April 21

Average stock dividend income claimed on Oklahoma tax returns in 2013, 6th lowest in the U.S.

Source: TRAC

Monday, April 20

Percentage of the state population potentially exposed to water exceeding a contaminant limit in 2013-2014. The US median was 1 percent.

Source: 2015 County Health Rankings.

Friday, April 17

Federal public corruption convictions 1976-2010 in Oklahoma

Source: University of Illinois at Chicago.

Thursday, April 16

Percentage of Oklahomans claiming itemized deductions on federal taxes in 2012

Source: Pew Trusts.

Wednesday, April 15

Number of black students per thousand who were referred to police and courts by schools in 2011-2012, far higher than the national average for black students (9.8) and about 3 times Oklahoma’s rate for white students (4.2) and Hispanic students (6.3).

Source: Center for Public Integrity.

Tuesday, April 14

Average number of personal exemptions claimed on Oklahoma tax returns in 2013, 10th highest in the U.S.

Source: TRAC.

Monday, April 13

Average cost for meals per inmate per day in Oklahoma correctional institutions.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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