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Numbers of the Day

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Thursday, October 27

Suicide rate per 100,000 in Oklahoma, 2014

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Wednesday, October 26

Percent of LGBT adults who indicated they did not have enough money for food, compared to 21% of non-LGBT adults in Oklahoma

Source: Williams Institute

Tuesday, October 25

Oklahoma’s rank in America’s Health Rankings report on the health of women and children in all 50 states

Source: America’s Health Ranking

Monday, October 24

How much Oklahoma’s state aid funding for public schools has been cut per pupil after inflation since FY 2008, the largest cuts in the nation.

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Friday, October 21

Percent of employed wage and salary workers in Oklahoma who were members of a labor union in 2015.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Thursday, October 20

Number of male students without disabilities in Oklahoma who were subject to corporal punishment in 2011-2012, compared to 1,735 female students.

Source: Civil Rights Data Collection

Wednesday, October 19

Number of judges that Oklahoma voters will decide whether or not to retain in office in this year’s November election.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, October 18

Oklahoma’s worldwide ranking for incarceration rate if every U.S. state and territory were a country.

Source: Prison Policy Initiative

Monday, October 17

Median hourly wage for an Oklahoma child care worker in 2015, a 4% decrease since 2010.

Source: Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

Friday, October 14

Percent of Oklahoma labor force without a college degree.

Source: Economic Policy Institute

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