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Tuesday, July 31


The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Oklahoma, compared with $3.49 nationally

Source: AAA

Monday, July 30


Number of Oklahomans who live in ‘food deserts,’ or areas with limited access to a full-size supermarket or grocery store, 2008

Source: USDA

Friday, July 27

63.2 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma high school students who do not attend a physical education class during an average week of school, compared to 48.2 percent nationally, 2011

Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thursday, July 26

1 in 2

Unplanned pregnancies in Oklahoma occurred while partners were using contraception, 2008

Source: National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy

Wednesday, July 25

15, 228

The number of new businesses created each year in Oklahoma on average, compared to 14,847 businesses that close their doors, 2000-2010

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tuesday, July 24


Number of households with children (≤18) in Oklahoma with a mother who also works outside the home, nearly 2/3rds of all such households in the state, 2010

Source: Senate Joint Economic Committee

Monday, July 23

86 percent

Percentage of the total number of persons sent to prison for a crack cocaine offense in Oklahoma that were people of color, 2007-2011

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections via The Sentencing Project

Friday, July 20th

8.9 percent

The unemployment rate in Oklahoma for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, compared to 6.2 percent unemployment for the state overall during the same period, 2011

Source: Senate Joint Economic Committee

Thursday, July 19th


Amount deposited this fiscal year into the state’s Rainy Day Fund, surpassing an earlier record for largest deposit set before the recession.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Wednesday, July 18th

48 percent

Percentage of working-age Oklahoma adults living below the poverty line that are uninsured, 2011

Source: Current Population Survey

Tuesday, July 17th


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for voter turnout in the 2010 midterm elections, 29.9 percent of the voting eligible population

Source: The Center for Voting and Democracy

Monday, July 16th


The net number of migrants moving to Oklahoma from Texas between 2009 and 2010.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau via the Texas Tribune

Friday, July 13th

$37.5 billion

Total federal spending in Oklahoma, 2010

Source: Oklahoma Economic Report

Thursday, July 12th

50.5 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma’s land area that has experienced severe, extreme, or exceptional drought since the start of the year, 2012

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Wednesday, July 11th


Per-capita gambling revenues in Oklahoma, 3rd highest in the country in 2010

Source: North American Gaming Almanac via Cherokee Phoenix

Tuesday, July 10th


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the rate we incarcerate drug offenders, comprising 27 percent of the state’s prison population in 2009

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections via The Sentencing Project

Monday, July 9th


Maximum a family of three can earn for an adult to be eligible for Medicaid in Oklahoma; healthy working-age adults without dependent children are ineligible for Medicaid at any income.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, July 6th


The number of employees the Department of Corrections workforce has lost since FY 2001; they’ve added 3,000 more inmates since then.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, July 5th


Amount Oklahomans on Medicare have saved on their prescription medications since 2010 from rebates and discounts enacted by the Affordable Care Act

Source: Dept. of Health and Human Services

Wednesday, July 4th


Number of hate groups – groups that actively attack or malign a class of people for their immutable characteristics – in Oklahoma, 2011

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Tuesday, July 3rd

71 percent

Percentage of uninsured adults aged 18 to 35 who were without health coverage because they couldn’t afford it, their employer didn’t offer it, or they’d been denied due to a pre-existing condition, 2011

Source:  Young Invincibles

Monday, July 2nd


Number of Oklahoma counties, out of 77, where 2/3rds or more of the adults have not completed at least two years of education after high school, 2010

Source: U.S. Census via Lumina Foundation

Friday, June 29th

32.2 percent

Percentage drop in the 4-week average of continued claims for unemployment in Oklahoma between now and 2010.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Thursday, June 28th


Amount of uncollected taxes from online transactions in Oklahoma, TY 2012

Source: Governing

Wednesday, June 27th

120, 235

Number of people with a disability in Oklahoma who receive Social Security income, 2010

Source: AARP

Tuesday, June 26th

$366 million

Amount general revenue collections through May 2012 remain below pre-downturn FY ’07 levels, or 6.8 percent

Source:  Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, June 25th

69.4 percent

Percentage increase in premiums for family health coverage in Oklahoma between 2000 and 2009

Source: FamiliesUSA

Friday, June 22nd

1 in 3

Oklahoma youths report having ever used marijuana, 2011

Source:  Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Thursday, June 21st

22,769 billion

Amount in cubic feet of the proven dry natural gas reserves in Oklahoma, 4th most in the U.S., 2009

Source: Energy Information Administration

Wednesday, June 20th

3.2 percent

Percentage growth of Oklahoma’s labor force, those who are employed or unemployed and actively looking for work, since Dec. 2007; the working age population grew 6 percent during that same period.

Source: Economic Policy Institute

Tuesday, June 19th


Suicide’s rank as a cause of death among Oklahomans aged 10-24.

Source: NewsOK

Monday, June 18th

$184 million

Amount funding for common education in Oklahoma for FY 2013 falls short of FY 2009 appropriation levels.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, June 15th

71 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma’s African American children who live in low-income families, compared to 62 percent nationally in 2010; a low-income family of four with two children earns below $22,050.

Source: U.S. Census via National Center for Children in Poverty

Thursday, June 14th


Oklahoma’s rank among the states for per capita Iraq war deaths, 1.88 military casualties per 100,000 residents

Source: Department of Defense via Population Health Metrics

Wednesday, June 13th


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for residents’ average weekly wage growth between 2010 and 2011, 8.3 percent

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Monday, June 11th

67 percent

Percentage of bills considered by the Oklahoma Senate that passed without a single “no” vote in 2012

Source: Tulsa World

Friday, June 8th

$81.1 million

Amount of state and local taxes (sales, income, and property) paid by undocumented immigrants living in Oklahoma in 2010

Source: ITEP via Immigration Policy Center

Thursday, June 7th

55 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma’s babies and toddlers who live in low-income families, compared to 46 percent nationally, 2011

Source: Zero to Three

Wednesday, June 6th


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the rate at which its residents die from heart disease, 2007

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tuesday, June 5th

46 of 78

The number of state agencies, of those that receive appropriated funds, that were allocated the same or less for FY 2013 compared to the previous year.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, June 4th


The average credit score in Oklahoma, 44th lowest among the states

Source: Experian via Governing

Friday, June 1st

$274 million

Amount state appropriations for FY 2013 remain below pre-downturn FY 2009 levels, or 3.8 percent

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, May 31


Oklahoma’s rank among the states for the number of major disaster declarations issued since 1953 (70), behind only California and Texas.

Source: FEMA

Wednesday, May 30

19.4 percent

Percentage of student loans in Oklahoma that were delinquent, compared to 11 percent nationally, in the 4thquarter of 2011.

Source:  Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Tuesday, May 29


Minimum age at which an Oklahoma child can be prosecuted in criminal court as an adult

Source: National Juvenile Defender Center

Monday, May 28


Number of veterans in Oklahoma receiving monthly disability compensation, 2010

Source:  Department of Veterans Affairs

Friday, May 25

40.5 percent

Percentage of vehicle crashes in Oklahoma that occurred during inclement weather, 2010

Source: Oklahoma Highway Safety Office

Thursday, May 24

1 in 3

Proportion of older Oklahomans for whom Social Security is their only source of income, 2009

Source: AARP

Wednesday, May 23

10 percent

Percentage of teens in Oklahoma that do not attend school and do not work, the national average is 8 percent, 2008

Source: The Children’s Partnership

Tuesday, May 22


The percentage of the tax cut being considered in the legislature (HB 3061) that will go to the top 4% of households.

Source: Oklahoma Tax Commission

Monday, May 21


Number of counties in Oklahoma where 50 percent or more of the children under 5 years of age are minorities, 2010

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Friday, May 18

36.8 percent

Percentage of the population of Oklahoma that lives in a rural area, more than twice the national average of 16.9 percent.

Source: Family Caregivers Alliance

Thursday, May 17


Number of counties in Oklahoma where the percentage of the population that is employed is lower now than it was in 2006, including the state’s most populated counties – Tulsa and Oklahoma.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Wednesday, May 16

$4.5 million

The total annual cost to the taxpayers of maintaining Oklahoma’s prison system, housing an average of 24,549 inmates a day, FY 2010

Source: Pew Center on the States

Tuesday, May 15

91 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma’s construction firms that employ fewer than twenty employees, 2009

Source: Associated General Contractors

Monday, May 14

1 in 4

Proportion of Oklahoma families that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit on their state returns, 2009

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, May 11


The median age in the state of Oklahoma, 2010

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Thursday, May 10

70 percent

Percentage of Oklahomans who said an “educated and well trained workforce” is the best way to attract businesses to locate and invest in Oklahoma, compared to just 21 percent who said “low personal income tax rates”

Source: Global Strategy Group

Wednesday, May 9

34.6 percent

Percentage of employees in Oklahoma who say their workplace is hiring new people and expanding the size of their workforce, 3rd highest in the U.S.

Source: GALLUP

Tuesday, May 8


Oklahoma’s national rank for per capita state spending on mental health; we spent less than half the national average in FY 2009

Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Monday, May 7

56 percent

Percentage of college students in Oklahoma who graduate with outstanding student loan debt, 2010

Source: Institute for College Access and Success

Friday, May 4


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the percentage of its residents who report engaging in no leisure-time physical activity at all, 31 percent of adults in 2010

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thursday, May 3


Number of violent crimes committed in Oklahoma per 100,000 people in 2010, down from 550 violent crimes in 1990.

Source: FBI’s Uniform Crime Report via

Wednesday, May 2

5.4 percent

Oklahoma’s unemployment rate, 8th lowest in the U.S. in March 2012, compared to 8.2 percent nationally.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tuesday, May 1


Amount per hour less Oklahomans earn in median wages compared to the national median wage.

Source: Economic Policy Institute via Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, April 30

72 percent

Percentage of Oklahomans who adhere to a Protestant religion, compared to 51 percent nationally in 2007.

Source: The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

Friday, April 27


Number of kids in Oklahoma living in homes with grandparent householders where grandparents are responsible for them and neither parent is present, about 2 percent of the state’s children in 2009.

Source: AARP

Thursday, April 26


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the rate at which newly hired state employees lose or leave their jobs, 2008

Source: Pew Center on the States

Wednesday, April 25

$100 million

Annual costs to the state to implement and maintain court-mandated improvements to Oklahoma’s child welfare system.

Source: NewsOK via Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, April 24


Number of operational crude oil refineries in Oklahoma, 7th highest refining capacity in the nation in 2010.

Source: Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

Monday, April 23


Number of government jobs, both state and local, lost in Oklahoma during 2011, more job losses than any other sector of employment.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Friday, April 20

14 percent

Percentage of Oklahoma libraries reporting that they always have sufficient computers available to meet demand, compared to 23.8 percent of libraries nationally, 2008.

Source: American Library Association

Thursday, April 19

$5.8 billion

The total annual market value of agricultural products (animals and crops) sold in Oklahoma, 2007

Source: U.S. Census of Agriculture

Wednesday, April 18

4,973 feet

Number of feet above sea level of the highest point in Oklahoma, the Black Mesa, located in the panhandle in northwestern Cimarron County.

Source: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department

Tuesday, April 17

7.4 percent

Percentage of Oklahomans aged 25 and older with an advanced degree (beyond a bachelor’s degree), 44th fewest in the nation.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey

Monday, April 16


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the share of female residents reporting that they have been raped, physically abused, or stalked by an intimate partner in their lifetime; 697,000 women in 2010.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Friday, April 13

9.9 percent

Percentage of income paid in state and local taxes by the bottom 20 percent of earners in Oklahoma, compared to 4.8 percent for the top 1 percent of earners.

Source: ITEP via Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, April 12


Number of Oklahoma residents lifted out of poverty by Social Security income, including 13,000 children.

Source: National Women’s Law Center

Wednesday, April 11


Amount of income foregone over a lifetime by a high school dropout in Oklahoma in 2011

Source: Alliance for Excellent Education

Tuesday, April 10


The median hourly wage for all occupations in Oklahoma, 2011

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Monday, April 9


Number of people in Oklahoma currently living with HIV/AIDS, 2009

Source: AIDS United

Friday, April 6


Tons of animal waste produced annually in Oklahoma, 7th in the nation in 2007

Source: U.S. Census of Agriculture via The Pollution Information Site

Thursday, April 5


Percentage of jobs in Oklahoma that are ‘low-wage jobs (median annual pay below $21,954), 6th highest in the nation in 2010

Source: Corporation for Enterprise Development

Wednesday, April 4

$297 million

Amount the state owes to oil and gas companies for horizontal and deep well drilling tax credits accrued in 2010 and 2011.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, April 3


Oklahoma’s national rank for the first year retention rate of our colleges and universities; 28 percent of the state’s students do not enroll in a second consecutive year of higher education.


Monday, April 2


Voter turnout in the 2012 primary elections in Oklahoma, 7th highest of the 35 states that have already held their primary contests

Source: United States Election Project

Friday, March 30


Number of farms in Oklahoma principally operated by Native Americans, 2nd most in the nation, 2007

Source: U.S. Census of Agriculture

Thursday, March 29

75 percent

Percentage of the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) accounted for by economic activity in the three largest metropolitan areas – Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Wednesday, March 28


Oklahoma’s rank nationally in the percentage of at-risk adults (aged 50 and over with a chronic disease) who have visited a doctor for a checkup in the past two years

Source: Commonwealth Fund

Tuesday, March 27


Average annual cost of care for an infant at a daycare center in Oklahoma in 2011, 37 percent of the median income for the state’s single mothers

Source: National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies

Monday, March 26

21 percent

Percentage above the national average paid in property taxes by residents of no income tax states

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, March 23

26.3 percent

Percentage of marriages in Oklahoma between people of a different race or ethnicity, 2nd most in the nation, 2008-2010

Source: Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Thursday, March 22


Number of nonelderly Oklahoma adults who are covered under employer sponsored health insurance, a little more than half (55 percent) of nonelderly adults in the state

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Wednesday, March 21

70 percent

Percentage increase in multi-family residential building permits issued in Oklahoma in 2011, compared to 2010

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Tuesday, March 20


Number of homeless children in Oklahoma who are under age 6

Source: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families

Monday, March 19th

1 in 42

Number of Oklahoma adults under correctional control, 7th most in the nation in 2007

Source: Pew Center on the States

Friday, March 16th


Average per capita property tax collections in Oklahoma, compared to $1,507 in states with no income tax, 2008

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, March 15th

71.6 percent

Percentage of jobs lost during the Great Recession that Oklahoma had recovered by 2011, 7th best among the states

Source: Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Wednesday, March 14th


Number of international students attending college in Oklahoma in 2011, a third of those come from China, India, and Saudi Arabia

Source:  Institute of International Education

Tuesday, March 13th


Number of Oklahomans who no longer have a lifetime limit in their health insurance plans because of the Affordable Care Act

Source:  Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services

Monday, March 12th


Number of families out of every 100 living in poverty in Oklahoma that received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) or ‘welfare’ benefits, 2009

Source:  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Friday, March 9th


Number of Oklahoma College Savings Plan accounts that have been opened since the program’s inception in April 2000

Source: Oklahoma Economic Report

Thursday, March 8th

$2.412 billion

Amount the state collected from the personal income tax in 2011

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Wednesday, March 7th

65.4 percent

Percentage of banks in Oklahoma reporting earnings gains for 2011, compared to 41.7 percent for 2009

Source: FDIC

Tuesday, March 6th


Number of Oklahoma children living in high-poverty neighborhoods as of 2010, up 104 percent since 2000

Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation

Monday, March 5th

$56, 470

Average annual compensation in the manufacturing sector in Oklahoma, compared to $37,689 on average for other nonfarm sector employment

Source:  National Association of Manufacturers

Friday, March 2nd


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the number of adults and teens who smoke, 2010

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, March 1st


The annual extra premium cost of adding a young adult to an employee’s family plan in Oklahoma.

Source: Young Invincibles

Wednesday, February 29th

6.8 percent

Growth rate of clean energy jobs between 1998 and 2007, compared to 2.4 percent growth for all jobs.

Source: Pew Center on the States

Tuesday, February 28th

$158 million
Amount of additional money requested by State Superintendent Janet Barresi to fund common education in 2013.  Gov. Fallin’s budget allocates $0 additional dollars.
Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, Februrary 27th

96, 748

The number of low-income households in Oklahoma who pay more than half of their monthly income on housing.

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Friday, February 24th

0.4 percent

age of 
 infrastructure for biking and walking in Oklahoma, 2008

Source: America Bikes

Thursday, February 23rd

22 percent

Percentage of public school teachers in Oklahoma who were men in 2011, 38th least in the nation.

Source:  National Education Association

Wednesday, February 22nd

8.6 billion

Amount in annual Social Security benefits paid to Oklahomans in 2009.

Source: Social Security Administration via AARP

Tuesday, February 21st


The amount of income, for married couples, that is not taxed in Oklahoma because of the standard deduction.

Monday, Feburary 20th

2.1 percent

Percentage decline in government spending at all levels in the United States in 2011—the biggest drop since 1971.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Friday, February 17th


Number of Oklahomans employed in construction in July 2011, up 6 percent from the previous year.

Source: Associated General Contractors

Thursday, February 16th


The year by which Oklahoma is expected to have the highest obesity rate in the nation.

Source:  American Public Health Association

Wednesday, February 15th


Number of children out of every 1,000 who entered the foster care system in Oklahoma in 2009, compared to 3.4 children nationally and 10th most in the country.

Source: Child Trends

Tuesday, February 14th


Number of House and Senate bills filed for the 2012 session of the 53rd Oklahoma Legislature, compared to 2,137 bills filed for the 2011 session.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, February 13th


Number of people who die on average each day in Oklahoma from an injury inflicted by a firearm.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health

Friday, February 10th


Amount of money the state saves over five years for every $1 it invests in public health prevention programs to curb obesity, inactivity, and smoking.

Source: Trust for America’s Health

Thursday, February 9th


Number of Oklahomans killed to date by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: The Washington Post

Wednesday, February 8th

3.3 percent

Percentage of births in Oklahoma attended by nurse-midwives, 1,827 babies in 2007

Source:  American College of Nurse-Midwives

Tuesday, February 7th


Average savings on Rx drugs per Oklahoma Medicare beneficiary in 2011 because of changes made by the new health care law.

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Monday, February 6th


Oklahoma’s national rank for state and local taxes paid as a percentage of personal income, 2009

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, February 3rd


Oklahoma’s rank among the states in percentage of households with no computer in their home, 27.5 percent in 2010

Source: U.S. Census Bureau via Economics and Statistics Administration

Thursday, February 2nd


Number of Oklahomans who tested for their GED in 2009; 70.1 percent received their GED, just above the average national pass rate of 69.4 percent.

Source: National Coalition for Literacy

Wednesday, February 1st

178, 020

Number of Oklahoma children under age 6 who need daily child care during the week because their primary caregiver/s participate in the labor force, 2009

Source: National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies

Tuesday, January 31st


Number of manufacturing jobs added in Oklahoma from January to December of 2011, up 8.4 percent for the year.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Monday, January 30th


Average tax increase on elderly Oklahoma couples with $35,000 in income under a legislative proposal to eliminate a slate of broad-based tax credits and exemptions.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, January 27th

$34 million

Amount needed to repair sewer lines and make major improvements to two facilities slated for closure that house medically fragile, mentally disabled Oklahoma residents.

Source: OKDHS via NewsOK

Thursday, January 26th

11 percent

Percentage of ex-offenders released in Oklahoma who were re-incarcerated for technical violations of their probation/parole in 2004, up from 3 percent in 1999.

Source: Pew Center on the States

Wednesday, January 25th


Annual average wage for home health aides in Oklahoma, just below the federal poverty level for a family of four in 2010, $22,050

Source: OESC

Tuesday, January 24th


Number of jobs lost in state and local government in Oklahoma over 2010.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Monday, January 23rd


Average tax increase on sixty percent of Oklahoma households under a legislative proposal to eliminate a slate of broad-based tax credits and exemptions.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, January 20th


Oklahoma’s rank among the states in amount of state and local taxes collected as a share of personal income, 2009

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, January 19th

37.7 percent

Percentage of working-age Oklahomans with a disability who were employed in 2009

Wednesday, January 18th


Proportion of Oklahoma households who use natural gas as their primary energy source for home heating.

Source: OESC

Tuesday, January 17th

63.9 percent

Percentage of deliveries in Oklahoma paid for by SoonerCare (Medicaid).

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Monday, January 16th

2 in 5

Black and Latino children in the United States attend schools that are intensely segregated – 90 to 100 percent nonwhite, 2007

Friday, January 13th


Number of filers in Oklahoma who claimed the federal earned income tax credit (EITC) on returns filed in 2011. 

Source: Internal Revenue Service

Thursday, January 12th

1.7 million

Metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions prevented by ENERGY STAR appliances in Oklahoma as of 2007, equivalent to the emissions of 1 million vehicles.

Source: National Association of State Energy Officials

Wednesday, January 11th

1 in 3

Oklahomans live in ‘high-poverty’ neighborhoods, census tracts in which the poverty rate is twenty percent or higher.

Source: American Community Survey 2006-2010

Tuesday, January 10th 

50 percent

Amount by which oil consumption in Oklahoma exceeds the state’s production.

Source: Oklahoma Geological Survey

Monday, January 9th

13.5 percent

Percentage increase in initial unemployment claims in Oklahoma during December 2011.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor via OESC

Friday, January 6th


Number of kids on average per month in Oklahoma who had unemployed parents in 2011.

Source: Brookings Institution

Thursday, January 5th

14.4 percent

Percentage of mortgages in Oklahoma that were delinquent during the 3rd quarter of 2011, up from 13.9 percent in the 2nd quarter; Delinquent mortgages have payments past due for 30 days or more.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Wednesday, January 4th


Average markup over the fair market price on a flight through the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City – one of the ten most expensive midsize airports in America

Source: FiveThirtyEight

Tuesday, January 3rd

$2.5 billion

Expected amount of revenue that will be collected through the state’s personal income tax next year.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute