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Interim study explores improving probation and parole services (Capitol Update)

Rep. J.J. Humphrey, R-Lane, Chair of the House Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee, is determined to use his background in corrections work to help reform criminal justice in Oklahoma. Before his election to the legislature, the third-term representative worked for the Department of Corrections (DOC) for 20 years in several capacities, including serving as a


Weekly Wonk: Housing stats show state disparities | Reducing Oklahoma’s incarceration rate | More

Policy Matters: Housing stats show state disparities; Interim study examines ways to reduce Oklahoma’s incarceration levels (Capitol Update); Everyone is to blame for spreading misinformation


Medicaid makes health, dental treatments possible for Oklahoma City man

Thanks to Oklahoma’s expansion of Medicaid coverage, Richard Patterson is able to address several medical and dental health concerns despite being unable to work due to a past injury.