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In The Know, Weekend: Flood of evictions expected when courts reopen; remembering the OKC bombing; and more

Flood of evictions expected to hit Oklahoma; Remembering the OKC Bombing 25 years later; COVID-19 restrictions ignite fears endemic to U.S. history, culture. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Thousands speak out against Gov.’s health care plan; tax equity needed; and more

Statement: Thousands of Oklahomans speak out against Governor’s health care proposal; Oklahoma’s working families need a tax cut; Economic recovery payments will help many, but not all. [More...]

In The Know, Weekend: Gov. finally sets SQ 802 election date; officials discuss re-opening dates for businesses; and more

Gov. Stitt sets SQ 802 election date on Medicaid expansion; some Oklahoma businesses may reopen in May, officials say; a sudden rise in coronavirus cases is hitting rural states without stay-at-home orders. [More...]

Thousands of Oklahomans speak out against Governor’s health care proposal

During the past 30 days, thousands of Oklahomans have spoken out against Gov. Stitt’s health care proposal, which would implement health care barriers that could keep more than 200,000 Oklahomans from being able to see a doctor or even fill a prescription.  [More...]

In The Know, Weekend: Rural broadband council at heart of budget feud, sources say; state fines, fees, ticket sales cratering; and more

Budget feud caused by anger over bill to create rural broadband council, sources say; state agencies struggle as fees, fines and ticket sales crater during pandemic; who is and isn’t running for Oklahoma’s Legislature - what you should know. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Gov.’s health care proposal ‘bad choice’ for Oklahoma; shoring up unemployment; and more

Gov. Kevin Stitt’s health care proposal is a bad choice for Oklahoma; the Federal Government has taken significant action to shore up the unemployment insurance program — and there’s more Oklahoma can do; Oklahoma’s prisons and jails require executive action to combat COVID-19.  [More...]

In The Know, Weekend: Officials say state in ‘good shape’ for virus surge; tribal leaders urge statewide shelter order; and more

Leaders say the state is well-equipped for surge; tribes ask for statewide shelter-in-place order; Stitt signs over 450 commutations, reduces prison overcrowding during COVID-19 pandemic. [More...]

In The Know: Governor signs two budget measures, but third remains in limbo; racial data needed for virus testing; and more

Stitt signs 2 of 3 bills to avoid April cuts, blames #okleg for ‘politics’; Impact of coronavirus on Oklahomans of color unclear with incomplete data. [More...]

In The Know, Weekend: State’s COVID-19 cases surpass 1,100; poll shows most Oklahomans sheltering in place; and more

Four additional people have died from COVID-19 and 27 more people have been hospitalized as confirmed cases reach 1,159 in Oklahoma; Poll: Vast majority of Oklahomans sheltering in place, say normal life is months away. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: A statewide “stay-at-home” order needed; looking ahead at the budget; jail, prisons & COVID-19; and more

What’s up this week at Oklahoma Policy Institute? The Weekly Wonk shares our most recent publications and other resources to help you stay informed about Oklahoma. Numbers of the Day and Policy Notes are from our daily news briefing, In… Read more [More...]