Federal Tax Reform Plans Likely to Benefit Wealthiest Oklahomans the Most (Public Radio Tulsa)

By Matt Trotter Republicans now have competing federal tax reform plans, but the more it resembles the House proposal, the more it will benefit wealthy Oklahomans. An analysis of that plan finds Oklahomans making roughly $500,000 a year or more… Read more [More...]

Expensive Battle Likely if Oil, Gas Tax Hike Goes to Voters (Oklahoma Watch)

By Trevor Brown The battle over Oklahoma’s tax on oil and gas production could soon spread outside the State Capitol to dinner conversations and public debates across the state. A group of small oil and gas producers said despite recent… Read more [More...]

Even One-Party States Are Having Budget Battles This Year (Governing)

By Liz Farmer Amid divisive politics and strained finances, it’s become almost commonplace for state lawmakers to close budget holes with one-time fixes. But such sneaky budget maneuvers have a way of coming back to bite politicians. Right now, Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

Gamesmanship, taxes and accepting reality (Journal Record)

By Arnold Hamilton As the not-so-special legislative session winds down, consider this irony: Oklahoma lawmakers’ base pay is second highest in the region – and more than five times higher than Texas. Teachers, can you feel the love? Don’t get… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma cut taxes. Now a squeeze on public services forces a rethink. (Christian Science Monitor)

By Simon Montlake As past president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, an industry body that his father helped to create, Dewey Bartlett Jr. is a familiar voice in policy debates. So when he began calling this year for higher… Read more [More...]

Tulsans react to failed budget proposal (KTUL)

By Kimberly Jackson TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Lawmakers are still deciding how to handle Oklahoma’s massive budget shortfall. Today a proposal that would have meant additional taxes on liquor, cigarettes, and fuel, failed in the House of Representatives. That left… Read more [More...]

“Cigarette Tax” passes committee, up for vote in House (KTUL)

By Ryan Braschler  TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — It’s a pretty familiar fight in Oklahoma City when budget discussions come around. Republicans in the statehouse have proposed a $1.50 per pack tax on cigarettes. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled a cigarette… Read more [More...]

Signs of progress on licensing reform in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman)

By The Oklahoman Editorial Board We have written many times of the need to reform state occupational licensing laws to ensure regulations don’t unnecessarily reduce market competition by driving up the cost of entering a profession. Progress on this front… Read more [More...]

“Another waste of time,” Analyst says Republican state budget plan doomed to fail (Fox 25 News)

By Jordann Lucero OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — With no accommodations to Democrats’ suggestions, the state budget plan Oklahoma Republicans unveiled Monday will not have enough support, an analyst says. The plan Governor Mary Fallin announced Monday was only an agreement… Read more [More...]

Opposition is Swift and Strong to Budget Announcement (Public Radio Tulsa)

By John Durkee The head of the Oklahoma Policy Institute doubts the new budget plans will become reality. David Blatt says the cigarette tax hike would require a two-thirds majority and the Republicans don’t have it. David Blatt; “Oklahoma’s structural… Read more [More...]