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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, June 20

Total sales and gross receipts taxes collected by Oklahoma in 2017, nearly 44 percent of all taxes collected by the state.

[2017 Census of Governments]

Tuesday, June 19

Number of Oklahomans who died due to heart disease in 2016 – the leading cause of death in the state.

[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

Monday, June 18

Percentage of Oklahomans who are uninsured

[Prosperity Now Scorecard]

Friday, June 15

How much Oklahoma’s wind power generation increased from 2008 to 2017, going from 2,358 GWh to 24,404 GWh.

[Environmental Research Letters]

Thursday, June 14

Percentage of Oklahomans who have employer-provided health insurance

[Prosperity Now Scorecard]

Wednesday, June 13

Percent of babies born preterm in Oklahoma in 2016 (10th highest in the nation).

[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

Tuesday, June 12

Cohort graduation rate of black high school students in Oklahoma, 2015-2016, which was 6 points below the rate for white high school students (83%).

[National Center for Education Statistics]

Monday, June 11

Number of people held in prisons and jails in Oklahoma per 100,000 residents, the highest incarceration rate in the world.

[Prison Policy Initiative]

Friday, June 8

Number of Oklahoma children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP health coverage as of March 2018.

[Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation]

Thursday, June 7

Rural child poverty rate in Oklahoma, compared to an urban child poverty rate of 21.8%.

[Save the Children]

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