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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, August 17

Unemployment rate in Cimarron and Blaine Counties, May 2018, the lowest in Oklahoma.

[Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City]

Thursday, August 16

Percentage of all Oklahoma businesses with paid employees that are minority-owned (2016).

[U.S. Census Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs]

Wednesday, August 15

Percentage of Oklahoma households with a broadband internet subscription, 9th lowest in the U.S.

[U.S. Census American Community Survey]

Tuesday, August 14

Share of Oklahoma’s state revenue that comes from “sin taxes” on alcohol, tobacco, and gambling, 2015.

[Pew Charitable Trusts]

Monday, August 13

Difference in the average hourly wage for Oklahoma workers ($23.16) compared to the national average ($26.19), June 2018

[Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City]

Friday, August 10

Percentage of SoonerCare recipients who could lose health coverage under Oklahoma’s proposed job and reporting requirements who are mothers of dependent children.

[Georgetown University Health Policy Institute]

Thursday, August 9

Percentage of Oklahoma prison inmates who were incarcerated in private prisons in 2016.

[The Sentencing Project]

Wednesday, August 8

Average annual income of child care workers in Oklahoma.

[Child Care Aware]

Tuesday, August 7

Change in real average hourly wages for Oklahoma workers from June 2017 to June 2018.

[Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City]

Monday, August 6

Percentage of Oklahomans age 15 and over who are divorced and not now remarried.

[American Community Survey]

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