Legislature takes action to fund Medicaid expansion (Capitol Update)

The complicated picture of Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma is beginning to clear as a result of actions taken by the Legislature last week. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March 2010. As passed, it guaranteed health care… Read more [More...]

Drafting a budget during uncertain times (Capitol Update)

Given the substantial information gap under which legislators were operating, they did a good job of writing and passing the state budget last week. The budget reflects tremendous work by the appropriations committee members — especially the respective chairmen, Sen.… Read more [More...]

Current economic situation creates uncharted territory for state budget process (Capitol Update)

It seems a new conflict develops weekly now between the Governor and legislative leaders. This week the conflict again relates to the budget. Previously, the Governor had refused to sign a stopgap appropriations bill using money from the Rainy Day… Read more [More...]

Finding an upside of recent budget battle (Capitol Update)

Other than budget measures, how much legislative action will occur between now and the end of May is still uncertain. [More...]

Politics at the center of recent budget empasse (Capitol Update)

Thus, began one of those standoffs the public finds distasteful. Without knowing exactly what's going on behind the scenes, we usually just blame both sides and consider it politics as usual. Yes, this is politics, but it's also the way our democracy works. [More...]

Legislature to address upcoming budget issues (Capitol Update)

The Legislature's action during Monday’s special session will be aimed at approving the expanded health emergency declared by Gov. Stitt and dealing with the budget issues created by the economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. [More...]

Legislature should focus on budget and pandemic (Capitol Update)

There is little to nothing to report this week on legislative activity. Appropriations and budget leaders are still putting together a FY 2021 budget for consideration when the legislature is able to vote on it. [More...]

Future uncertain for Oklahoma’s 2020 Legislative session (Capitol Update)

It's an understatement to say the future of this legislative session is uncertain. Last Tuesday when legislators left the Capitol, we knew the session would be interrupted for the week, which was already planned for spring break. [More...]

Uncertainty covers the current Legislative session, important work remains ahead (Capitol Update)

Public safety and personal health must take priority, but hopefully the legislature will find a way to finish its work without leaving too much undone. [More...]

Governor’s alternative health care proposal creates confusion, political anxieties (Capitol Update)

If the goal is confusion, it has been attained. Shortly after taking office, Gov. Stitt announced that he is working with a wide range of Oklahomans to develop an Oklahoma plan for better health care. [More...]