Proposed bills would ensure high-quality legal representation for children, parents (Capitol Update)

One of the toughest challenges society faces is how best to protect and nurture children who are deprived of the care they deserve from their parents or other caretakers. Children have a long life ahead of them to suffer the… Read more [More...]

Recent education proposals could be most comprehensive education reform in decades (Capitol Update)

Among the bill deadline’s better reveals last week was a set of serious proposals by Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, to improve Oklahoma education. This may be one of those rare moments in Oklahoma’s brief history where a giant step forward… Read more [More...]

Shropshire an excellent choice for DHS Director (Capitol Update)

Gov. Kevin Stitt made an outstanding appointment of Dr. Deborah Shropshire as the new Director of the Department of Human Services. The top DHS job had been filled by Samantha Galloway on an interim basis since Justin Brown resigned last… Read more [More...]

A look at leadership in the state House and Senate (Capitol Update)

The House and Senate went into session for “organizational day” last week and the leadership teams in each chamber were formally elected. There wasn’t a lot of change in either chamber. House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, was elected for an… Read more [More...]

Balancing state savings versus investments in Oklahoma’s needs (Capitol Update)

The state Board of Equalization met last week to certify the amount of funds that will be available for appropriation in the next legislative session. The amount of the certification is based on an econometric model used by the Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

Tax cuts expected to be considered during upcoming session (Capitol Update)

One of the most important battles next year will be over how much and what kind. Of course, I’m referring to tax cuts. At a recent State Chamber public affairs event, legislative leaders signaled there will be a renewed focus… Read more [More...]

Senate announces committee chairs for upcoming session (Capitol Update)

With the top leadership remaining the same and relatively few new members in both legislative chambers, one might expect the committee chairs to mostly remain the same. However, when President Pro Tempore Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, announced his appointments last… Read more [More...]

A look at first bills filed for 2023 session (Capitol Update)

With the desk now open for prefiling bills for the upcoming session, it’s interesting to see what legislators have on their mind. Most bills get filed at or near the bill-filing deadline which this year is January 19. Early filings… Read more [More...]

A look at DOJ’s civil rights investigation into State of Oklahoma, OKC, OKCPD (Capitol Update)

According to a press release issued last week by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department has opened a civil rights investigation into the State of Oklahoma, the City of Oklahoma City, and the Oklahoma City Police Department. The… Read more [More...]

Legislative freshman class includes 24 new senators, representatives

It’s always interesting after an election to take stock of the new members who are joining the legislature. This year produced a relatively small freshman class. In the 48-member Senate, there will be eight new senators, and in the 101-member… Read more [More...]