New GAO report details problems with managed care (Capitol Update)

Recently Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, issued a press release expressing his continued opposition to the Medicaid managed care proposal of Gov. Stitt. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) issued a Request for Proposal for insurance companies to bid on becoming… Read more [More...]

Leadership requires courage to make a better future for Oklahoma (Capitol Update) 

Former House Speaker Glen Johnson used to joke about going to visit a House member who was in the hospital. He told the sick legislator that the House had voted to send best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery… Read more [More...]

Three key Senate committee chairs named (Capitol Update)

Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat announced the appointment of Senate committee membership and chairs for the upcoming session. There were three key vacant committee chairmanships for committees with jurisdiction over policies that effect every Oklahoman. These are the Senate… Read more [More...]

An early look at two recently filed Senate Bills (Capitol Update)

There are some early bill filings by Senators for the upcoming session. House members usually do not file their bills until the final day for filing. A couple of bills by Senate leaders caught my attention because of their potential… Read more [More...]

Lawmakers filling committee chairs for upcoming session (Capitol Update)

With interim studies, elections, and Thanksgiving now in the past, organizing for the next legislative session will get underway in earnest. House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, and Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, have both been re-elected to… Read more [More...]

Legislature should address fines and fees system that harms families (Capitol Update)

The Legislature faces a troubling challenge in attempting to limit the reliance of law enforcement agencies and the courts on fines and fees owed by defendants in criminal cases. As the state faced budget gaps or added programs without funding… Read more [More...]

There are many reasons to call a special session and, contrary to claim from the Governor’s office, no reasons not to.

Gov. Stitt’s office recently told one of my colleagues that the Governor could not call a special session for a single purpose, implying he was powerless to call lawmakers together to address the mounting human and economic damage from the… Read more [More...]

Juvenile justice is an investment to help youth (Capitol Update)

Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) Executive Director Rachel Holt announced the hiring of Bryan Heil as superintendent of the agency’s new “Next Generation Campus.” The secure care (residential) treatment facility for youth who have committed a criminal offense is to… Read more [More...]

SQ 805’s defeat doesn’t signal end of justice reform efforts (Capitol Update)

Supporters of criminal justice reform are surely feeling the sting of defeat after Tuesday’s 61 percent to 39 percent loss of State Question 805. The measure would have banned enhancing penalties for a second or subsequent conviction for nonviolent offenses.… Read more [More...]

Extending teleconference meeting law before February requires special session (Capitol Update)

I would not be surprised to see a special session of the Legislature sometime after the election for the purpose of amending the Open Meetings Act. Prior to last session, the act required a quorum of all public bodies to… Read more [More...]