New enrollee sees immediate benefits of Medicaid expansion

Sylvanister Childs said he constantly worried about his health when he was uninsured. Fortunately, he was part of Oklahoma’s newly expanded population that qualified for Medicaid coverage, which proved useful for him as soon as he was approved. [More...]

Medicaid makes health, dental treatments possible for Oklahoma City man

Thanks to Oklahoma’s expansion of Medicaid coverage, Richard Patterson is able to address several medical and dental health concerns despite being unable to work due to a past injury. [More...]

Medicaid expansion helps couple receive much-needed care

Tim and Gwen Weintraub have never had health insurance despite dealing with health issues for years. Fortunately, expansion of Medicaid coverage in Oklahoma will mean they can receive health care coverage. [More...]

Future health care worker benefits from Medicaid expansion

Danielle Gaddis is a 26-year-old future medical student who was recently medically uninsured for two years. She previously had been covered through her mom’s health insurance, but Danielle lost coverage when her mother retired.  [More...]

Medicaid helps fill gaps in tribal health services

Ginger Willhite’s daughter is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, which provides free health care for its citizens. However, when her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she required specialty care that was not available through her tribal health care but available through SoonerCare. [More...]

Del City woman unable to work, pay for medications after strokes

Clara Franklin went from being a healthy, independent caregiver to relying on assistance programs to make ends meet after having a stroke. She will be one of the many Oklahomans who will qualify for Medicaid once expansion is implemented. [More...]

Oklahoma City man experiences health care disparities first hand

Ricardo Chavez has been helping his family navigate through health care access since he could walk. After relying on Medicaid himself years later, he witnessed firsthand the disparity that exists between those with quality access to health care and those without. [More...]

For this community-focused family, Medicaid coverage is essential

Registered nurse Ginger Glory and her family are dedicated to serving their community in any way they can. However, they also rely on Medicaid to help provide necessary specialty care to their family that is unavailable within the tribal health system. [More...]

‘We really needed Medicaid expansion a long time ago’

Medical student Daniel Pham has seen firsthand the benefits Medicaid expansion would have on Oklahoma’s most vulnerable residents. He believes expansion is the first step to lowering Oklahoma's uninsured rate, making our communities healthier, and providing Oklahomans with the care they deserve. [More...]

‘Medicaid changed the trajectory of my life’

“I don't think people realize that if you can't pay for medical services, you don't get them." [More...]