“It just seems like what he is creating here is another year of prolonged negotiations with urban and rural hospitals. I was hoping that we had all of this put to bed and agreed upon.”

-Rep. Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan, speaking about the Governor’s veto of SB 1046, which was the primary funding mechanism for his health care proposal [NonDoc]

“[T]he hope is that we are able to get through the entire inmate population to give us at least a clear look in regards to whether or not we truly are infection free within the jail”

-Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado, whose facility has not reported any COVID-19 cases among its incarcerated population [StateImpact Oklahoma]

“We were not equipped to deal with this pandemic.”

-Comanche County Facilities Authority Chairman Johnny Owens, speaking about the virus outbreak in the county detention center in Lawton. [AP News

“This bill is the biggest woolly-booger I’ve seen in a decade. (There was) not a peep from the authors as to what the bill really did.”

-A lobbyist commenting on Senate Bill 1595, on which lawmakers — including the bill’s authors — have differing opinions about impacts from a last-minute provision added to the bill [NonDoc

“We are definitely not out of the woods with this. We have finished up the school year, but from everything I’ve heard, COVID’s not going anywhere between now and August. So we have to be responsible and proactive and do as much as we can to study the issue and make decisions for the start of school.”

-Bixby Superintendent Rob Miller [Tulsa World]

“To sit here and say, ‘Well I’ve got to be fiscally responsible so I can’t help you’… I have to question that because I have to look those people in the eyes. I know some of those people, and they really need it. We have people out there that we need to help.”

– Sen. Dewayne Pemberton, R-Muskogee, speaking about the need for a cost-of-living adjustment for Oklahoma’s public retirees [CNHI]

“I fear that our non-profits will be further burdened. But, those who see people experiencing homelessness as problems won’t have had made the connection that the decision to not implement policy to protect against evictions is contributing to increased numbers experiencing housing instability.”

-Oklahoma City Ward 6 Councilwoman JoBeth Hamon [Free Press OKC]

“Let’s get past who was in the room, who was locked out of the room, who was right, who was lying, who was wrong. The people of Oklahoma deserve better than that. It is the democratic process, but if I were someone who was watching I would say, ‘God, I just wish they would get it together.’”

House Minority Leader Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, speaking about the budget disagreements between Gov. Stitt and the Legislature [NonDoc]

“I think it’s a very scary situation. I think it’s a situation that could get out of hand in a heartbeat. The reality is we don’t know exactly what the magnitude of the situation is because we are not engaging in widespread testing within our prison system.”

–Kris Steele, executive director of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, speaking about the dangers of COVID-19 in Oklahoma’s prisons at the Tulsa World’s virtual town hall. [Tulsa World]

“Now, there are literally thousands of people filing for unemployment and the only way they are getting the cards, are if they agree to pay the $15 fee to have it expedited. And conveniently, they deduct it from your account before they send the card.”

-Sally Cannon, describing how paying a $15 fee to a third-party vendor would expedite delivery of a family member’s state unemployment benefit. State official said non-expedited cards are facing delays of between 16 and 18 days. [The Frontier]