“This is going to shine a flashlight on those inequities in those areas where we have a lot of ground to make up and we better use this time to draw attention to that and move beyond this with a strategic investment.”

-State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister about the state’s pivot to distance learning during the pandemic [The Frontier]

“We understand that adopting a statewide shelter-in-place policy will place a tremendous strain on our state’s businesses and workers, however, combating the COVID-19 pandemic emergency calls for extraordinary efforts and sacrifice.”

-Senate Minority Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, in a letter to Gov. Kevin Stitt [Norman Transcript]

“Many kids can do a lot online. The concern is access. A lot of kids may not have access to a computer or access to the internet. And even if students do have access, we have IEPs (Individual Education Programs), we have ELL (English Language Learners) students … And the access isn’t just internet, it’s access also to an adult who can help them.”

-Akela Leach, a fifth grade teacher at Tulsa’s Lanier Elementary, speaking about the pivot to distance learning [Tulsa World]

“It’s almost like we’re detached from reality. Nobody can believe it is going to happen here. We watch it on TV and just hope it doesn’t come here.”

-Guymon hairdresser Rick French about the spread of coronavirus [New York Times]

“What we are calling on, more than anything, is for Oklahomans to be good citizens, good neighbors and comply with the governor’s executive order, as well as the ordinances of local governments, to protect one another from this deadly illness.”

-Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter  [Tulsa World]

“Already faced with a shortage of health care personnel in medical facilities throughout the state, the anticipated surge in critically ill patients will result in over-stressing a system that is already at its maximum effectiveness.”

-Shelly Wells, Oklahoma Nurses Association President-Elect [Tulsa World]

“Hockey great Wayne Gretzky once said the secret to his success was to ‘skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.’ Likewise, Oklahoma’s leaders need to base such serious decisions not on the numbers and situation in which we find ourselves today (which we already know are inaccurate due to a lack of testing), but on where we could be in the coming weeks or, more appropriately, where we want to be in that time frame.”

-A letter from Oklahoma medical professionals urging Gov. Stitt to take stronger action to contain the COVID-19 virus [via Non Doc]

“(N)urse staffing is critical in Oklahoma, but the presence of COVID-19 and the capability for our numbers to increase has the ability to cripple our staffing if those rates climb.”

-Michele Bradshaw, a nurse and leader at Midwest Regional Medical [The Oklahoman]

“It’s a possibility. Everything is on the table as we are in uncharted territory. This is changing so rapidly as the CDC gives more recommendations to us. So we’ll take that as it comes.”

-Gov. Kevin Stitt, when asked hypothetically if he would follow any recommendations from health officials to put all Oklahoma restaurants, bars and theaters under the same restrictions implemented by the mayors of Oklahoma City, Norman, Tulsa and other cities [NonDoc

“We may not prevent the complete transmission of this disease, but what we’re trying to slow is the fact that we may overwhelm the health care system capacity.”

-Dr. Dale Bratzler, enterprise chief quality officer at OU Medicine [The Frontier]