“By not paying them a fair wage, you’re not just hurting inmates. You’re hurting victims who can’t get paid their restitution, and you’re hurting children whose parents are not getting paid their child support.”

-House Majority Floor Leader Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, about Oklahoma prison labor contracts [NonDoc]

“I’ve seen generations of people come through the justice system, and it affects all of us.”

-Greg Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Oklahoma County Jail Authority [The Journal Record 🔒

“Let’s be careful that we aren’t putting forward legislation that impacts certain vulnerable communities in a negative way.”

-Sen. George Young, D-Oklahoma City, about his proposed legislation that would require a racial impact statement to accompany any bill that would lengthen sentences, create a new offense or change penalties for existing offenses [The Oklahoman

“Clearly, these companies have turned a blind eye to the death and devastation they were causing in Oklahoma and around the nation.”

-Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, announcing additional lawsuits against opioid manufacturers [NonDoc]

“While we applaud the RESTORE task force for recommending changes to the state’s unfair and outdated cash bail system and failed reentry policies and practices, we believe that this crisis is too urgent for further delay.”

-Kris Steele, executive director of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform [The Oklahoman

“Oklahoma hands down extremely long sentences for nonviolent offenses compared to the national average. Long prison sentences don’t just impact individuals serving time, but their entire family.”

– Sue Ann Arnall, president of Arnall Family Foundation and member of the Oklahoma County jail trust [Oklahoma Gazette]

“(Judge Kenneth Stoner) has set up a way of increasing the severity of sanctions and using jail as an ultimate consequence instead of the first tool. By doing that, he is keeping people out of jail, in the program and moving toward success. That results in people breaking addiction, keeping jobs and at home with their families.”

-Tim Tardibono, executive director of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council, speaking about recent drug court reforms [The Oklahoman]

“When you get into the rural areas, something that’s becoming increasingly important is transit services … for individuals with disabilities or for folks who just need a ride or an alternative means of transportation.”

-ODOT Executive Director Tim Gatz speaking about developing an Oklahoma Public Transit Policy Plan [The Journal Record🔒]

“Our priorities and resources will have to change within the state. Criminal justice reform is really beyond just criminal justice reform. It’s really a cultural reform.”

-Tricia Everest, ex-officio chair of the RESTORE criminal justice task force, which is expected to release its report this week [The Journal Record 🔒]

“Oklahomans deserve to be paid fairly so they can offset the rising costs of health care, housing and food. Closing the wage gap between the poverty line and middle class would have a tremendous impact on our economy by increasing consumer spending and generating more tax revenue for our municipalities and state.”

-State Sen. George Young speaking about his proposed legislation to increase Oklahoma’s minimum wage [Journal Record]