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“A lot of these are 20-, sometimes 30-year sentences on a crime that if charged now would be a misdemeanor.”

-Corbin Brewster, Tulsa County’s chief public defender, speaking about inmates sentenced before Oklahoma’s SQ 780 criminal justice reforms. Advocates are now fighting to have these sentences commuted [Tulsa World].

“My older brother had to take a remedial math course at OU. He graduated in the top 10% at OU Law. He’s now a District Judge.”

-Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Norman), responding to University of Oklahoma Regent Frank Keating calling for OU to refuse admission to students who need remedial classes [Twitter]

“The average life expectancy in Oklahoma is the fourth-lowest in the country … and then when it comes to heart disease, cancer, stroke, heart disease incidence, they all tend to be a little bit higher in Oklahoma. I don’t think it helps that Oklahoma has the second-highest uninsured rate for adults in the country.”

-WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez, speaking about their new report that ranks Oklahoma 45th in the country for its health care system [Public Radio Tulsa]

“She’s stuck in a position where if she says OK to that extra shift, even if she only works 86 hours that month, then she’s going to be considered too wealthy and would lose her health care coverage.”

-Variety Care Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nathan Valentine, speaking about the Catch-22 created by Oklahoma stingy Medicaid income eligibility and the proposal to kick parents off the program if they don’t meet strict job and reporting requirements [Public Radio Tulsa]

“We still have to fix the toilets when they break. There’s still not any more money. When across the budget, all the way across, there’s a lack of funds, it doesn’t make any difference how you earmark it.”

-Kenny Ward, the human resources director of Bridge Creek Public Schools, speaking about SQ 801 that would allow districts to use building fund revenue for general operations [Journal Record]

“That’s really what compelled me to run for office. I do think my interaction with the legislators are a huge part of why I decided to run because … it just didn’t seem that we were getting anywhere talking to them, like they just didn’t care about their constituents.”

-Garfield Elementary School teacher and Oklahoma HD 41 candidate Jennie Scott, who said she was inspired to run during the teacher walkout [Enid News & Eagle]

“Ensuring protection for Dreamers is the right thing to do in a state that was born out of the courage and toil of newcomers and continues to believe that Labor omnia vincit.”

-University of Tulsa associate dean Elizabeth McCormick, calling on Congress to create a path to full legal status for immigrants brought to the US as children [NonDoc]

“It’s a crucial step forward, but many more must be taken. The challenges facing Oklahoma classrooms cannot be remedied by a one-year fix any more than one time on a treadmill makes you ready for the Olympics. It’s time to build on this significant momentum.”

-State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, speaking about the Oklahoma teacher pay raise that went into effect Wednesday [Tulsa World]

“They would say, ‘Well, I talked to my pastor, and my pastor said that it was my responsibility as the wife to stay with my husband.’ That has always stood out in my mind.”

-Rep. George Young, who requested an interim study on domestic violence patterns, speaking about people who sought help from him because of violence in their relationships [Journal Record].

“[Adult Protective Services] staff come to work every day knowing they cannot fully meet the needs of the communities they serve,” Wettstein said. “Someone out there may be in real trouble and we just don’t have the resources to respond as quickly as we want to.”

-Gail Wettstein, director of Oklahoma’s Adult Protective Services which investigates neglect, abuse or exploitation of vulnerable adults. The department has lost about 30 percent of its workers since 2014 due to state budget cuts. [The Frontier]

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