Nearly half of Oklahoma households are one misstep away from financial insecurity

Despite an improving national economy and a (deceptively) low statewide average unemployment rate, nearly half (49.1 percent) of Oklahoma households are in a persistent state of financial insecurity, according to a report released today by the Corporation for Enterprise Development… Read more [More...]

[Closing The Gap, Part 2] Foundations of the wealth gap

Some core assets are best described as foundational:  health, education, and transportation are critical to our ability to achieve and maintain financial security throughout our lifetime.  Health, education, and transportation position us to obtain employment, generate enough income to make… Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: Public Education in Oklahoma – Return on Investment

[Update: This event has postponed to a future date, to be determined .] The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma is sponsoring a public education forum on Saturday, September 15th in Tulsa.  The event will begin a citizen’s dialogue regarding… Read more [More...]

Watch This: What is a 'Community School'?

At a time when seemingly endless budget cuts are squeezing our public schools to the breaking point, the Coalition for Community Schools continues to advance a rich and comprehensive approach to education.  Their vision is one in which schools are… Read more [More...]

Up a Creek: Scorecard shows over a quarter of Oklahomans unprepared to weather financial crisis

In Oklahoma, more than one in four households are “asset poor,” meaning they have little or no financial cushion to rely on if unemployment or another emergency leads to a loss of income, according to a report released today by… Read more [More...]

Watch This: Creativity and Learning

This enlightening hour-long film explores creativity in education by highlighting four Oklahoma schools: Educare Preschool in Tulsa, Flower Mound Elementary School in Lawton, Odyssey of the Mind at Piedmont Middle School, and Santa Fe South Charter High School in Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

Visualizing where the money goes

Every year during state budget discussions, state leaders speak about prioritizing spending to protect core services. That’s especially true when times are bad and the overall budget pie is shrinking. However, the distribution of that pie among agencies over the… Read more [More...]

Encouraging kids to be fit, eat right, and have fun!

Public schools have long been clearinghouses for fitness and nutrition initiatives in the United States.  Since the 1960s, the President’s Challenge program has inspired kids to meet physical fitness benchmarks.  Schoolchildren began to learn about the basic building blocks of… Read more [More...]

What's at stake: the toll of budget cuts

Another budget year, the same sad story: The combination of tax cuts and the recession results in severe cuts to public services. Over the past two years, most agencies have lost 15 percent or more of their funding. Even though… Read more [More...]

Why education reform is not like musical chairs

High on this year’s agenda for Governor Fallin and education reform groups is to put more money into Oklahoma classrooms by reducing administrative costs. Two bills filed for the upcoming session seek to accomplish this by mandate — HB 1493… Read more [More...]