Upcoming Event: The Senior Safety Net in Jeopardy, OKDHS Policy & Practice Lectures

The recession has had a devastating impact on the economic well-being of low income senior citizens, particularly people of color.  The ongoing debate over the future of Social Security and Medicare leaves seniors living near the poverty line with an… Read more [More...]

The Affordable Care Act: What has it done for you lately?

This week marks two years since landmark health care reform legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was signed into law.  While some of the law’s major provisions have yet to take effect, many of the rule-changes and programs that have… Read more [More...]

Medicaid 101: The SoonerCare Safety Net

Our health care system is experiencing an unprecedented period of upheaval. Decades of rising costs, an ever-increasing share of citizens without insurance, and an aging baby boom generation are putting immense pressure on payers, providers, and patients alike.  A new… Read more [More...]

The Weekly Wonk – September 23, 2011

What’s up this week at Oklahoma Policy Institute? The Weekly Wonk is dedicated to this week’s events, publications, and blog posts. This week the Census Bureau released new state-level data on income, poverty and health insurance coverage in 2010.  The… Read more [More...]

Watch This: Making ends meet – The Medicare generation

This ten minute documentary produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation profiles the experiences of three Medicare families struggling to keep up with health care costs and other necessary household expenses on a fixed budget.  According to the Census Bureau, 13.5… Read more [More...]

What's Happening to Medicare? Facts for older Oklahomans

Sweeping changes to the nation’s health care system were enacted in recent years and talk of even more changes continues to reverberate in debates over the federal budget.  Central to the discussion and always a lightning rod in health care… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Jeffrey Alderman, M.D.): The silent problem in Oklahoma health care

Jeffrey Alderman, M.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa. With Medicaid cuts looming and the federal government entertaining efforts to shift the costs of Medicare… Read more [More...]