The 2012 Legislative Primer: Your program for Opening Day of the legislative session

How many bills are filed each year? Who is the Cabinet Secretary of Science and Technology? How much money is there in the Rainy Day Fund? Why does it take so long for a bill to be passed? As the… Read more [More...]

New data, old story: Our Online Budget Guide on Oklahoma’s low tax levels

Last year we published OK Policy’s (and possibly the nation’s) first Online Budget Guide, a primer for Oklahoma state and local government finance. We were pretty excited about the online approach. It allowed us to save paper and printing and… Read more [More...]

Our Online Budget Guide is coming soon

On October 6, Oklahoma Policy Institute will release its Online Budget Guide. This unique tool for understanding Oklahoma state and local government finances will be valuable both as an introduction for newcomers and as a reference guide for the more… Read more [More...]