Summer Re-Run: When "business-friendly" regulations are bad for the rest of us

Yesterday, an Oklahoman editorial made the case that many of Oklahoma’s job licensing requirement are unnecessary and harmful to consumers. We made a similar argument in this blog post, originally published in February 2011. One theme of Gov. Fallin’s State… Read more [More...]

FAA shutdown proves business taxes aren’t always passed on to consumers

With Congress unable to agree on a bill to extend operations of the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency has been partially shut down since last Friday. Numerous construction projects were halted, nearly 4,000 federal workers have been furloughed, and $200… Read more [More...]

When “business-friendly” regulations are bad for the rest of us

key One theme of Gov. Fallin’s State of the State speech was that we should eliminate regulations to make the state more business-friendly. A common refrain from members of the business community is that environmental and safety regulations are too onerous.… Read more [More...]