[Closing The Gap, Part 2] Foundations of the wealth gap

Some core assets are best described as foundational:  health, education, and transportation are critical to our ability to achieve and maintain financial security throughout our lifetime.  Health, education, and transportation position us to obtain employment, generate enough income to make… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Noble McIntyre) – Oklahoma must spend more on public safety education

Noble McIntyre is the senior partner and owner of McIntyre Law, an Oklahoma personal injury law firm. Traffic fatalities in Oklahoma decreased from 765 in 2006, to 627 in 2010, according to the Oklahoma Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2012… Read more [More...]

Visualizing where the money goes

Every year during state budget discussions, state leaders speak about prioritizing spending to protect core services. That’s especially true when times are bad and the overall budget pie is shrinking. However, the distribution of that pie among agencies over the… Read more [More...]