Bill to expand eligibility for Oklahoma’s Promise scholarships would be a win for all Oklahomans

The Oklahoma Legislature is close to passing a bill (SB 529) to make Oklahoma’s Promise scholarships available to more students. Available since 1996, these scholarships cover the cost of tuition for in-state students at an Oklahoma public college or university… Read more [More...]

This part of the budget deal may be the greatest threat to Oklahoma’s economy

Overwhelmingly, the states where residents earn the highest wages also have the best-educated workforce. Both productivity and median wages in a state are strongly correlated with the percentage of residents with a college degree. At the same time, overall state… Read more [More...]

The ABCs of Oklahoma’s Promise

This post was written by OK Policy summer intern Rosie Nelson.  Rosie has an MA in Higher Education from the University of Mississippi and will begin a PhD program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education starting this fall. Recently,… Read more [More...]

Severe education funding cuts threaten Oklahoma’s economic future

Oklahoma has made some of the deepest cuts to funding for local schools of any state in the country. These cuts have serious consequences for educational quality and economic growth. Read more. [More...]

Stagnant enrollment and other numbers you need

Last week we released the September edition of Numbers You Need, our monthly recap of statistics that shape Oklahoma. In addition to bad news for the short run–a higher unemployment rate, more people on public support programs, and the eighth… Read more [More...]