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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, March 15

How many state troopers Oklahoma is currently below the minimum manning requirements.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Tuesday, March 14

Percent of children in Oklahoma who have experienced two or more adverse childhood experiences, the highest in the US. The national average is 22% (2011-2012)


Monday, March 13

The gap between the minimum wage in Oklahoma ($7.25) and the hourly wage needed to support a family of four in Tulsa County ($22.30).

Source: MIT Living Wage Calculator via ESRI

Friday, March 10

Average loss of tax credits to purchase insurance for Oklahoma consumers under the proposed Republican health care plan, a 62% decrease and the third biggest loss in the nation

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Thursday, March 9

Share of the Oklahoma labor force made up of unauthorized immigrants, 2014

Source: Pew Research Center

Wednesday, March 8

Percentage point drop in Oklahoma’s prime-age employment to population ratio from 2015 to 2016, the third largest drop in the U.S.

Source: Governing

Tuesday, March 7

Estimated unauthorized immigrant population in Oklahoma, 2014

Source: Pew Research Center

Monday, March 6

Change in collections of court costs on felony cases in a sample of 9 Oklahoma district courts between 2003 and 2015. Collections of costs on civil cases rose 87.3% during the same period.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, March 3

Private security guards per 100,000 population in Oklahoma City, 12th least among the nation’s 53 largest metros.

Source: City Observatory

Thursday, March 2

Number of confirmed cases of child abuse and/or neglect in Oklahoma in 2016

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

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