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Numbers of the Day

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Monday, July 3

Percentage of non-institutionalized Oklahomans who report having one or more disabilities in 2015. This is the 8th-highest percentage in the US.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Friday, June 30

Percent of Oklahoma’s nonelderly population who live in rural areas (2015), 13th highest among all 50 states.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Thursday, June 29

Number of people sentenced to prison in Oklahoma for simple drug possession between 2005 and 2015, nearly 18 percent of all prison receptions over this decade.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Wednesday, June 28

Percentage of children living in Oklahoma metro areas insured by Medicaid, 2014-2015

Source: Georgetown University Center for Children and Families & University of North Carolina NC Rural Health Research Program

Tuesday, June 27

Number of lynchings reported in Oklahoma between 1877 and 1950.

Source: Equal Justice Initiative

Monday, June 26

Number of jail admissions per 100,000 Oklahoma residents in 2014, more than twice the national average (5,340.6)

Source: Vera Institute

Friday, June 23

Number of counties in Oklahoma (out of 77) where 50 percent of the population or greater does not have a grocery store nearby.

Source: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Thursday, June 22

Projected increase in number of Oklahomans age 85+, 2015 to 2030

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Wednesday, June 21

Number of Oklahomans per 100,000 residents who were in jail while awaiting a trial in 2014. The national average is 222.2.

Source: Vera Institute

Tuesday, June 20

Adoption cases filed in Oklahoma courts, FY 2016

Source: Oklahoma Supreme Court

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