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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, January 25

Percent of Oklahomans who smoke tobacco, 2016

Source: America’s Health Rankings

Tuesday, January 24
64 minutes

Average time Oklahoma emergency room patients waited after being admitted to be taken to their room, 6th lowest in the US

Source: ProPublica

Monday, January 23

Number of bills and resolutions filed for the 2017 session of the Oklahoma Legislature.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, January 20

Estimated number of public and private jobs that will be lost in Oklahoma in 2019 if primary provisions of the Affordable Care Act are repealed 

Source: The Commonwealth Fund

Thursday, January 19
19 minutes

Average time patients wait in Oklahoma emergency rooms before being seen by a doctor

Source: ProPublica

Wednesday, January 18

Youth unemployment rate in Oklahoma, 2013.


Tuesday, January 17

Percentage of adult Oklahomans who reported their mental health was not good 14 or more days in the past 30 days, 10th highest in the nation in 2016

Source: America’s Health Rankings

Friday, January 13

Percent of new Oklahoma state employee hires that were retained through 36 months as of 2014


Thursday, January 12

Median age of voters in Oklahoma City’s last mayoral election

Source: Who Votes for Mayor?

Wednesday, January 11

Percent of Oklahoma high school students who reported being bullied on school property, 2013.


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