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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, December 16

Number of credit hours Oklahoma high school students were enrolled in concurrent college classes, 2014.

Source: State of Oklahoma

Thursday, December 15

Number of fatal occupational injuries in Oklahoma in 2014

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Wednesday, December 14

Number of Oklahoma children per 1,000 who were living in foster care in 2013, the highest rate in the US (tied with West Virginia)

Source: Center for American Progress

Tuesday, December 13

Percent Oklahoma women made in weekly earnings when compared to their male counterparts in 2014.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Monday, December 12
$412 million

How much Oklahoma’s FY 2018 general revenue could be below FY 2015 while still being enough to trigger another tax cut under a bill passed in 2014.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, December 9

Percent of patient care assistants employed by the state government that leave within their first year of employment

Source: Oklahoma Public Employees Association

Thursday, December 8

Percentage of people fatally shot by police in Oklahoma in 2016 who were confirmed to be exhibiting signs of mental illness.

Source: Washington Post

Wednesday, December 7
3,796 per 100,000

Rate of incarceration for black Oklahomans in 2010, compared to 767 per 100,000 for white Oklahomans

Source: Prison Policy Initiative

Tuesday, December 6

Number of probation and parole officers in Oklahoma in 2016, down from 345 in 2008

Source: Oklahoma Watch

Monday, December 5
$180.4 billion

Oklahoma’s total gross domestic product in 2015.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis