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Quotes of the Day

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July 11,

Any fiscally responsible policymaker needs to seriously consider at what level government should incentivize something that is now standard practice. It’s not responsible for government to give money away as an incentive if no incentive is needed.

-Oklahoma Finance Director Preston Doerflinger, who said Oklahoma should end a tax break for horizontal drilling that has grown to cost hundreds of millions (Source:

July 10,

The first part of the title is substantive law — reducing your income tax liability. The second section of the title is creating a fund and providing for an appropriation. Here we have two subject matters as quickly as you can use your eyes to look at the title.

-Attorney Jerry Fent, arguing before a state Supreme Court referee on why the income tax cut/Capitol repairs bill violates the single-subject rule in Oklahoma’s Constitution (Source:

July 9,

Quote of the Day: “[Dr. Ramona] Paul understood that while pre-K is no silver bullet, the failure to help children destined to start kindergarten far behind their peers is ultimately more expensive. She understood that an early investment in children is a building block for future success.”

-The Oklahoman Editorial Board (Source:

July 8,

Even on the days when you’re not quite sure the decisions you make are the best for everybody, or if it’s that gut-wrenching decision where you’re just like ‘Could this be the best decision? Did I do this right?’ … you go home to your own child, and you’re like ‘Every kid deserves to have the safety and stability that I hope I’m providing for my child.’

-Katie Cooper, a child welfare worker with teh Oklahoma Department of Human Services (Source:

July 3,

Because the wages of DOC employees are so low, we struggle to keep anyone on the job, much less recruit anyone. This is dangerous because our prisons are full and we continue to imprison Oklahomans at a higher rate than just about anywhere in the world. There were large disturbances involving dozens of inmates at three institutions in recent months. One officer caught in a melee at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center in March admitted that the inmates beating him could have killed him if they’d so chosen. He’s thankful they didn’t, and legislators should be, too.

-Sean Wallace, executive director of Oklahoma Corrections Professionals (Source:

July 2,

It is almost impossible to identify one single person who is responsible for the accolades Oklahoma’s early childhood education system has received. But if there was one person who could be identified, there is no question Ramona would be that person. I can’t overstate how extraordinary her contribution has been.

-Steven Dow, executive director of CAP Tulsa, on Dr. Ramona Paul, who passed away Sunday night (Source:

July 1,

Failing to create an Oklahoma Plan will undoubtedly result in increased cost-shifting to businesses and untold damage to our health-care infrastructure as hospitals and health systems are forced to care for the uninsured on even smaller budgets. We urge state leaders to review the Leavitt Report and pursue all available options to assure affordable coverage for all Oklahomans.

-Mike Neal, President of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, on the proposal to accept federal Medicaid expansion dollars through Insure Oklahoma (Source:

June 28,

Oklahoma hospitals have had a long-standing interest in decreasing the number of uninsured in Oklahoma, toward a goal of ‘coverage for all, paid for by all.’ We all know that care of the uninsured is currently paid for by everyone who pays their hospital bill or has insurance.

Craig Jones, President of the Oklahoma Hospital Association, on accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid in Oklahoma (Source:

June 27,

For kids that aren’t even born yet, for generations that don’t even exist yet, that this will be a case that they will know by name. United States v. Windsor will be a case that they know by name.

–Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found it was unconstitutional to deny federal benefits to legally recognized same-sex marriages.

June 26,

It makes little sense to support these students through the common education system, only to either shut the door to higher education or make it so difficult to open that many give up. Oklahoma needs more highly educated citizens. And make no mistake, many of these students are Oklahomans, raised here from a young age.

-The Oklahoma Editorial Board, writing that young people whose parents brought them into the United States illegally shouldn’t be penalized (Source: