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October 22nd, 2014
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The successful track record of Medicaid Expansion in states similar to Oklahoma shows that we are making the wrong choice to reject health coverage.

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May 14th, 2015
Photo by Christiana Care / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Steven Goldman, PhD is a Navigator at Oklahoma Primary Care Association. He can be reached at Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) recently reached its fifth year, the law’s main incentives for expanding health coverage are still young. The health care law’s second Open Enrollment Period just concluded in February 2015. Now the the enrollment data from the US Department of Health and  Continue Reading »

May 4th, 2015
Photo via Gov. Fallin's Twitter

Last year, we argued that the legislature had missed an opportunity by punting on a bill that would have required doctors to check the state’s prescription monitoring program (PMP) before writing a prescription for some of the most dangerous drugs, to make sure patients were not “doctor-shopping” or showing signs of addiction. This year, legislators righted that wrong, and a  Continue Reading »

April 30th, 2015

On the five-year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act, author and blogger John Green asks: is it working? The answer is yes – and no. In the clip below, Green discusses the ACA’s successes, including a sharply declining uninsured rate, early indicators of better health outcomes,  an end to discrimination against people with preexisting conditions, and reduced job  Continue Reading »