ATTN College Students: Apply for the 2016 Summer Policy Institute

Summer Policy Institute studentsOklahoma Policy Institute is excited to announce our fourth annual Summer Policy Institute (SPI) from July 31 – August 3, 2016 at the University of Tulsa.

SPI brings together highly-qualified undergraduate and graduate students for an exciting and in-depth learning experience. SPI offers participants a unique opportunity to become better informed about vital Oklahoma policy issues, network with fellow students and leaders in the policy process, and prepare for their future studies and work in public policy-related fields.

The Institute is hosted and led by the staff of OK Policy and involves leading policy experts from government, academia, and community organizations throughout Oklahoma. Keynote presentations and panel discussions will provide a chance to hear from Oklahoma’s top practitioners and observers on:

    • Budget and Taxes
    • Education
    • Oklahoma’s Legislative Process
    • Campaigns and Elections
    • Health Care
    • Poverty and Opportunity
    • Criminal Justice
    • Race and Public Policy
    • Tribal Issues
    • How to Find and Use Data
    • Careers in Public Policy
    • And More!

The Institute is open to any undergraduate or graduate student at an Oklahoma college or university, or graduate from an Oklahoma high school, who has completed a minimum of 24 hours of college credit or has graduated since December 2015. Participants in the Institute are chosen by a competitive application process aimed at selecting students with strong academic training, diverse experiences, and a clear interest in the study and practice of public policy. Particular emphasis is given on selecting a class of participants from a range of educational institutions, fields of study, and geographic and cultural backgrounds.

Program tuition is $375 for commuters or $450 for those staying in University of Tulsa housing. Full and partial financial assistance will be available to all students who need a scholarship to attend. No one will be denied a spot in the Institute due to inability to pay.

For more information about the Summer Policy Institute, click here. The application deadline is May 25th, 2016.

Access the application here. 

Click here to preview the application questions. 

5 thoughts on “ATTN College Students: Apply for the 2016 Summer Policy Institute

  1. My name is Airis Robert. I am a 31 year old Licensed Practical Nurse. I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. What I’ve come to learn from my experience as a nurse and as an adult, is that policies, and laws have a real impact on our lives. I want to work to improve the lives myself and fellow citizens . I have a passion for politics and service. I would like to become more involved but, am concerned my age and lack of education will stand in the way.

  2. I just submitted my graduate thesis on Wednesday last week, and I’ll have my masters of psychology by the time this program commences. I really want to attend, especially since I am running for the House of Representatives, District 74 – Owasso. I think this could be the perfect forum for me t gain essential skills and learn priceless information for my political career. Would I still be eligible to attend even though I will be graduated when it commences?

  3. Hi Starsha. Yes, if you were a student as of December 2015 then you are eligible, even if you’ll have graduated by the time of the program.

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