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Oklahoma has too many unmet needs to slash revenue | #MyOklahoma

Lawmakers have been asked to consider sweeping tax cuts — including eliminating the personal income tax, which is one of the state’s largest revenue sources. Gov. Stitt has called the legislature back for an Oct. 3 special session to consider… Read more [More...]

2022 Census data: Oklahoma remains among the nation’s poorest states; policy solutions can help reverse this trend

Data from the Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey released Sep. 14 show that Oklahoma’s poverty rate was 15.7 percent, which was the nation’s 8th highest. The national poverty rate in 2022 was 11.5 percent, and Oklahoma’s ranking among states remained unchanged compared to 2021. [More...]

Statement: Gov. Stitt’s comments on individual income tax are short-sighted for Oklahoma’s long-term success

Gov. Stitt this week appeared on the national news to suggest that Oklahoma should eliminate its state income tax. Such short-sighted comments ignore the realities of governing.  The individual income tax is Oklahoma’s largest single revenue source for state government… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma legislators need to do more to expand access to housing

Co-authored by Sabine Brown, Infrastructure and Access Senior Policy Analyst for the Oklahoma Policy Institute, and Justice Jones, Homelessness and Affordable Housing Policy Analyst for Housing Solutions – – – Oklahoma is in the midst of a housing crisis. With… Read more [More...]

KIDS COUNT 2023 Report Shows Oklahoma Ranks 46th for Child Well-Being

The rankings from the new Annie E. Casey Foundation report show Oklahoma’s poor child well-being outcomes. These results demonstrate the impact of the state’s ongoing disinvestment in programs and services that help our children thrive, including helping parents get affordable,… Read more [More...]

FY2024 state budget proposal has promise, but could do more for everyday Oklahomans

OK Policy shares a first look at the FY2024 budget with wins, missed opportunities, and decisions that don't center the needs of everyday Oklahomans. [More...]

10 questions every Oklahoman should be asking lawmakers about private school vouchers, tax credits

Changes to funding our educational system — especially sweeping changes that could cascade negative fiscal impacts to other state agencies and programs — should be based on reliable data and should include input from Oklahoma parents and caregivers. Here are 10 questions we think lawmakers should be asked about these proposals. (And as with any math problem, lawmakers should be asked to show their work.)  [More...]

2023 Oklahoma Summer Policy Institute Applications are Now Open

Oklahoma Summer Policy Institute 2023; A program of the Oklahoma Policy Institute; Deadline to apply: Friday, May 12 UPDATE: Registration deadline extended to Friday, May 12, 2023.   – – – “I can’t imagine how different Oklahoma’s political landscape and policies would look if everyone were more informed about the work OK Policy does. I deeply admire the… Read more [More...]

ACT NOW to protect our public schools – Urge NO vote on HB 1935

Contact your Senator and ask them to vote NO on HB 1935. Oklahoma families value strong public schools, but HB 1935 would undermine our public schools by offering massive income tax cuts to wealthy households for enrolling their children in… Read more [More...]

2023 State Budget Update from OK Policy (Online)

To help Oklahomans better understand Oklahoma’s state budget picture — and what we might expect from this year’s legislative budget negotiations — OK Policy is hosting a 2023 State Budget Update online.  2023 State Budget Update Friday, March 31, 2023… Read more [More...]