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Tax Expenditure Report

Under a provision of Oklahoma law passed in 1996, the Oklahoma Tax Commission is tasked with preparing a biannual report that provides the Commission’s “best estimate of the amount of state revenue that would have been collected but for the… Read more [More...]

SQ 802

State Question 802, passed by Oklahoma voters in June 2020, expands eligibility for Medicaid as of July 2021. For more information, see entries for Medicaid Expansion and Medicaid.… Read more [More...]

Term Limits

Oklahoma voters in 1990 approved State Question 632, which limited any member of the Legislature elected after the measure’s effective date to a maximum of 12 years of legislative service. The 12-year term limit applies to service in either legislative… Read more [More...]

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), enacted in 1965 as part of the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty, was the most ambitious and far-ranging federal education law. Its primary purpose was to ensure full educational opportunity by providing additional… Read more [More...]

What we know about Oklahoma’s 2020 legislative elections

As the June 30th primaries approach, we already know that the 2020 elections will look very different than 2018. Here are five things we know about the upcoming races and their implications within the Oklahoma Legislature. [More...]

Section 1115 Waivers

Section 1115 Medicaid waivers, or 1115 waivers, are waivers from federal Medicaid law intended to give states an avenue to test new approaches in Medicaid that differ from what is required by federal statute.  Section 1115 of the Social Security… Read more [More...]

Pinnacle Plan

The Pinnacle Plan was developed and implemented by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) to reform the state’s child welfare system. The plan, announced in July 2012,  emerged out of a settlement agreement reached in a federal class action… Read more [More...]

Balanced Budget

The balanced budget requirement is accomplished by limiting appropriations for seven funds, of which the General Revenue Fund is by far the largest, to no more than 95 percent of certified revenue estimates for the upcoming year. [More...]

SoonerCare (Medicaid)

SoonerCare is the name for Oklahoma’s Medicaid program operated by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. See Medicaid for more information,… Read more [More...]

Tennessee waltzes down the wrong path with Medicaid block grant proposal

Rather than tilting at windmills with a legally questionable approach that poses serious threats for the state’s Medicaid population, our state should focus on tried and tested ways of improving access to care and health outcomes for Oklahomans. [More...]