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Oklahoma’s refusal of federal dollars especially hurts African-American and Hispanic families

Drew Capps interned with OK Policy this spring and recently graduated from the University of Tulsa. We’ve discussed previously, and at length, why Governor Fallin’s decision to reject federal funds to expand health coverage to low-income Oklahomans is the wrong… Read more [More...]

Tough on crime is tough on taxpayers

By Natasha Hamilton While the “tough on crime” policies seems fair, it has become apparent to researchers over the past century that the tough on crime idea is ineffective in deterring criminal activity and punishes taxpayers. A report by the… Read more [More...]

State Rundown 4/23: Tax Cuts in the Face of Budget Disaster

By Sebastian Johnson: Alabama senators have proposed a constitutional amendment that would establish a flat personal income taxand lower the corporate tax rate, despite facing a devastating budget shortfall. The proposal would lower the top income tax rate from 5… Read more [More...]

No coverage: Legislation this session fails to help lower state’s uninsured rate

By Dale Denwalt   OKLAHOMA CITY – Despite an estimated 17 percent of Oklahomans living without health insurance, there seems to be no viable proposal in the Legislature meant to draw down that number. Those in the gap include people… Read more [More...]

Debate grows over 2016 income tax cut amid $600 million budget shortfall

By Max Resnik: TULSA – As the state faces an estimated $600 million shortfall, the debate grows about an income tax cut set to take effect in 2016. On one side of the debate, you’ll find the Oklahoma Policy Institute… Read more [More...]

Tight state budget put education and transportation on the spot

By Randy Krehbiel Roads and schools sometimes seem like the guns and butter of state government. Anyone who lived through World War II (when butter was actually rationed) or even the Vietnam era heard all about guns and butter. Every… Read more [More...]

Tulsa World Editorial: Have Oklahoma’s fractional tax cuts been worth the price?

By Tulsa World’s Editorial Writers Wednesday is the deadline to file 2014 federal and state income taxes or to ask for an extension. If you haven’t finished your taxes, you better get busy. While the income tax is topical, let’s… Read more [More...]

New research: Oklahoma’s predatory lenders target vulnerable populations, military installations

Credit is necessary for financial stability in today’s economy. Consumers need access to credit in order to lease a car or establish a residency. A lack of credit creates barriers to securing a job, home, or car. Further, routine expenses… Read more [More...]

Hamilton: Rich play while the poor pay

By Arnold Hamilton The day of reckoning hath arrived. The Legislature’s self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives may have little choice in the session’s final weeks but to declare a fiscal emergency in order to keep already starving state services on life support.… Read more [More...]

Wayne Greene: How not to give teachers a raise

By Wayne Green Two Republican legislators have a provocative idea for how to deal with Oklahoma’s shortage of teachers — exempt them from state income taxes. Sen. A.J. Griffin and Rep. Leslie Osborn made the proposal in a March 18… Read more [More...]