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Lawmakers cut corporate income taxes while polls show corporations should pay their fair share

most Americans feeling that corporations should pay more in taxes, and most businesses prioritize public services that rely on that tax revenue; Oklahoma must maintain or increase its corporate tax revenue in coming years.  [More...]

Everyday Oklahomans will be hurt by sweeping revenue cuts

NOTE: On Sept. 11, 2023, Gov. Stitt called for a special session in October 2023 to address tax reforms. One of the items included in the governor’s request was a “path to zero income tax.”  – – – Oklahoma should… Read more [More...]

FY 2024 Budget: Lawmakers diverted taxpayer dollars to private schools, but missed opportunities to support everyday Oklahomans

[FY 2024 Budget Highlights] Throughout the 2023 legislative session, lawmakers discussed further reducing state revenue by cutting various taxes, with the understanding that any major tax and spending changes would only be passed as part of the state budget. As… Read more [More...]

FY 2024 Budget Highlights

[Download this report as a pdf] | [See charts] | [FY 2024 Budget Analysis] The FY 2024 budget makes some key investments in agencies, but misses opportunities to help everyday Oklahomans.  For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2023 (FY… Read more [More...]

Flat tax, tax triggers would make Oklahoma’s tax system less fair, less adequate, and less stable

• Current Tax Cut Proposals Don’t Help Most Oklahomans [Printable PDF] With less than two weeks left in the 2023 legislative session, lawmakers have very little time remaining to reach agreement on, reveal, and adopt the Fiscal Year 2024 state… Read more [More...]

Modernizing the Sales Tax Relief Credit will cut taxes for those who need it

• Information sheet about the Sales Tax Relief Credit [PDF]  In recent years, state leaders have continually proposed eliminating the state portion of the sales tax on groceries. The House of Representatives passed House Bill 1955 in late March to… Read more [More...]

Tax proposals this session fail to deliver inflation relief, jeopardize state’s long-term fiscal health

Call to Action Contact your lawmakers to urge them to oppose across-the-board, untargeted tax cuts and other handouts for wealthy Oklahomans and out-of-state companies.  • Contact your lawmaker • Current Tax Cut Proposals Don’t Help Most Oklahomans [Printable PDF] With… Read more [More...]

New federal legislation will improve health care access and outcomes in Oklahoma

In late December 2022, Congress passed an omnibus appropriations bill that includes several health provisions that will have meaningful impacts for Oklahomans. These provisions include one year of continuous eligibility for children who are insured by Medicaid, a permanent extension… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma residents who use SoonerCare need to take action to keep their coverage

[See this announcement in Spanish] [Informational Handout – English, PDF] | [Informational Handout – Spanish, PDF] – – – Rules are changing for SoonerCare, which provides health care insurance for many Oklahoma residents and their families.  Starting April 1, 2023,… Read more [More...]

The needs of everyday Oklahomans outweigh tax cuts that benefit the wealthy

As Oklahoma’s 2023 legislative session begins, the perennial push for tax cuts that would shrink state revenue will likely return. In 2022, leaders of the Oklahoma House of Representatives championed tax cuts – primarily focusing on reducing the personal income… Read more [More...]