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In The Know: OHCA board shakeup | Hospitals continue dealing with patient influx | Cherokee chief vows to protect sovereignty

Oklahoma governor removes only physicians from medical board; Stillwater hospital puts tents in parking lot, brings in Medical Reserve Corps to help with COVID influx; Covid overflow at Memorial calls for emergency shelter; [More...]

In The Know: Gov. removes two OHCA board members | Health care staff: Please get vaccinated | Women’s impact on pandemic recovery

State medical association concerned over governor's removal of OHCA board members; Overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, Oklahoma nurses plead for people to get vaccinated; Children with special needs face life-long pandemic impact. Their families feel left behind; [More...]

In The Know: Children make up 25% of new virus cases | Stillwater declares emergency | Medicaid expansion can help justice-involved

Children make up nearly 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma, data shows; What does COVID-19 have to do with water supply? Why cities are asking people to conserve; COVID-19 tests are in high demand; [More...]

In The Know: State COVID death rate jumps to 5th | School mask ban on hold | Celebrating working Oklahomans

COVID-19: Oklahoma jumps to No. 5 for death rate amid ICU strain, higher 'dwell time' in hospitals; Oklahoma’s Ban on School Mask Mandates is on Hold. Here’s What You Need to Know; In rural Oklahoma, suspicions run high while vaccination rates stay low; [More...]

In The Know: Oxygen supplies running low amid latest virus surge | OKC council votes down mask ordinance | More

Oxygen supplies grow precarious amid COVID surge; Almost 9,200 Oklahomans have died of COVID-19; Editorial: Mask decisions should be back in school districts' hands; [More...]

In The Know: State mask ban faces federal civil rights inquiry | Schools remain virus hot spots | 170,000 have enrolled in Medicaid expansion

Schools are COVID-19 hot spots in Tulsa County as experts caution that declining hospitalizations don't mean peak is past; Oklahoma City hospitals report no ICU beds available; State mask bans face federal civil rights inquiries; [More...]

In The Know: Oklahomans dying of COVID 2x national rate | Nursing shortage exacerbated | Vaccinations increase | More

Oklahomans dying of COVID nearly 2 times the U.S. rate as 'unnecessary suffering' overwhelms hospitals; Oklahoma’s nursing shortage existed long before COVID-19, but the pandemic has worsened it; Oklahoma COVID vaccinations increase as Delta variant spreads; [More...]

In The Know: School-age children make up state’s largest increase in virus cases | AG files to block school mask mandates | More

School-age children make up Oklahoma’s largest increase in COVID-19 cases; Oklahoma Attorney General Wants Court Order Blocking School Mask Requirements; Five years after voters approved landmark criminal justice reforms, counties are still waiting for mental health funding; [More...]

In The Know: State hospitalization rate 4th nationally | EMSA: ‘No safety valve’ due to staff shortages | Virus outbreak at Muskogee jail

COVID-19: High hospitalization rate puts Oklahoma fourth in the U.S.; COVID outbreak at Muskogee jail reported; 8 staff, 50% of inmates are positive for virus; Tahlequah school board declines to join lawsuit against state mask law; [More...]

In The Know: Health care workers share their exhaustion with latest virus wave | Virus protection in schools | More

'Barely hanging on': An Oklahoma City ICU nurse on the exhaustion of another COVID surge; Tahlequah school board to consider joining lawsuit challenging state mask law; “I need people to understand how prevalent it is”: Oklahoma suicide rates ascend amid pandemic; [More...]