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In The Know: Gov.’s sovereignty committee releases report | Epic board approves new financial controls | Requirements for unemployment reinstated

Oklahoma virus hospitalizations surpass 900, 1,628 new cases; ‘Find a path forward’: Commission on Cooperative Sovereignty releases report; [More...]

In The Know: Hospitalizations hit record high again | Pandemic had major impact on health care coverage | AG seeks help in Indian Country

Oklahoma COVID-19 hospitalizations hit another record high; The pandemic sent Americans’ health care coverage into free fall; Hospital closures in rural America means longer drive times for patients needing care; [More...]

In The Know: State updates hospital surge plan | unemployment in Oklahoma | & more

Officials say beds still available as COVID hospitalizations rise to record highs; 3 OSU students take their own lives, students want change; Increase in government jobs drives down unemployment rate in Oklahoma, says latest labor report; [More...]

In The Know: State’s financial recovery could take years | Health department disbands COVID unit | Eviction crisis still looms large

Experts: For many, financial recovery could take years; Health department disbands unit responding to COVID-19; Oklahoma reports new highs in COVID-19 hospitalizations; [More...]

In The Know: Transparency vital to evaluating hospital capacity | Lawmakers urged to take active role in economic recovery | State considers outsourcing Medicaid care

Public health officials evaluating COVID-19 impact say transparency is critical to determine hospital bed capacity; State lawmakers warned there's work to do with v-shaped recovery off the table; [More...]

In The Know: Managed care is bad investment for Oklahoma | COVID cases surging in rural OK | Gov. appoints agency heads

Oklahoma takes first step to outsource care for most Medicaid recipients; COVID cases continue to surge in rural Oklahoma; [More...]

In The Know: Virtual school board member related to Epic co-founder | Oklahoma Top 10 for new virus cases | Voters should focus on facts

Statewide Virtual Charter School Board member is relative of Epic co-founder; Oklahoma ranks top 10 in weekly cases, positivity rates as U.S. averages trend up, White House report says; September GRF collections mark second month above estimate; [More...]

In The Know: ICU bed shortage in OKC | Virus spreading in Tulsa County jail | Board moves forward with Epic contract termination

Pandemic, staffing shortage shut down ICU beds in OKC; COVID-19 numbers surging in rural Oklahoma as hospitalization numbers reach record levels; Statewide Virtual Charter School Board votes to begin contract termination process against Epic Charter Schools [More...]

In The Know: State board considers terminating Epic contract | State COVID-19 cases tops 100,000 | Misinformation about SQ 805

Tulsa-based nonpartisan group addresses misinformation about SQ805; Virtual school board could consider terminating Epic contract today; Confirmed coronavirus cases in Oklahoma soar past 100,000; [More...]

In The Know: Gov. facing opposition for Medicaid privatization proposal | Hospitalizations reach new highs | Evictions create difficult choices

Gov. Kevin Stitt seeks to privatize Medicaid, faces early opposition; Oklahoma's COVID-19 hospitalizations reach new highs 4 of 5 nights; Small towns, suburbs across state lead weekly hotspots; [More...]