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The cheeseburger economics of the minimum wage

When talking about raising the minimum wage, opponents sometimes claim that a higher minimum wage will raise the prices of goods, especially in labor-intensive industries like restaurants. This is sometimes accompanied by a jab such as “enjoy paying $20 for… Read more [More...]

A lack of data hinders policy efforts to address anti-LGBTQ2S+ discrimination

Given the importance of data to advocacy efforts, our state government should pursue policies that will further our understanding of anti-LGBTQ2S+ discrimination. [More...]

Data shows discrimination is a clear barrier to the success of LGBTQ2S+ Oklahomans

Source: The Gender Spectrum Collection To ensure every resident has equal opportunities for success, Oklahoma’s elected officials and policymakers must understand the variety of ways discrimination impacts LGBTQ2S+ Oklahomans' lives. [More...]