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Weekly Wonk: Leveraging relief funds to improve child well-being | Lifting children out of poverty | Health care resources

What’s up this week at Oklahoma Policy Institute? The Weekly Wonk shares our most recent publications and other resources to help you stay informed about Oklahoma. Numbers of the Day and Policy Notes are from our daily news briefing, In… Read more [More...]

Weekly Wonk: Justice reform during 2021 session | Juneteenth holiday overdue | More

The 2021 session saw passage of economic justice reforms, but Oklahoma’s prison crisis demands greater action; Quartz Mountain renovation brings back memories; Policy Matters: Move to make Juneteenth holiday long overdue; OK Policy announces three new board members. [More...]

Weekly Wonk: A first look at FY 22 budget | Oklahomans deserve budget transparency | Anti-protest bills criminalize protesters | More

A first-look at FY 2022 budget; Oklahoma's inside-out budget process; anti-protest bills seeks to criminalize protesters; Prematurely stopping unemployment payments is short-sighted [More...]

Weekly Wonk: What the American Rescue Plan means for Oklahoma | Budget transparency | Managed Care: The Facts

What the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Means for Oklahoma (webinar); Policy Matters: Oklahomans deserve budget transparency; 2020 Census Evaluation Report: Understanding How Oklahomans Are Doing; New law provides academic, behavioral supports for students in need (Capitol Update); Privatized Managed Care: The Facts. [More...]

Weekly Wonk: Proposed tax cuts ‘shortsighted, dangerous’ | Paid family leave supports working Oklahomans | A look at justice reform issues

OK Policy Statement: Half-billion dollars in corporate and individual tax cuts is irresponsible, shortsighted and dangerous; Paid Family and Medical Leave is a crucial step towards modernizing our economy; Policy Matters: Addressing gender inequity; HB 1795 reduces driver’s license suspensions for court fines and fees [More...]