Board of Equalization

The State Board of Equalization was established in 1907 by the Oklahoma Constitution. The seven-member Board is composed of six statewide elected officials – the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Superintendent of Instruction, and State Auditor – plus the Secretary of Agriculture.

A primary responsibility of the Board is to provide an official estimate of how much revenue will be available for the Oklahoma Legislature to spend for the coming year.  Three times a year, in December, February and June, the Board meets to certify revenue estimates for the upcoming budget year. Estimates are prepared by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and other agencies.

The Board is also responsible for assessing taxable property values for entities such as public service companies, railroads, and airlines. Each Oklahoma county has its own Board of Equalization that settles disagreements between county assessors and property owners about the taxable value of property.