Don’t Reverse Voters’ Will on Criminal Justice Reform: Oppose HB 1482

Click here for our fact sheet on HB 1482. Last year Oklahomans voted by a large margin to approve SQ 780, which changed drug possession charges from felonies to misdemeanors punishable by no more than 1 year in jail. Voters… Read more [More...]

Strengthen Working Families Tax Credits

Even while policymakers scramble to find ways to address the state’s continued budget crisis, expanding tax credits that primarily benefit low- and moderate income working families and seniors should be part of the tax policy discussion. Lawmakers should undo last… Read more [More...]

Allow Young Oklahomans to Pre-Register to Vote

Young Oklahomans (ages 18-29) vote less often than any other age group, and at among the lowest rates in the nation. SB 349 (Sen. David Holt – R. Oklahoma City) aims to boost voter turnout by young Oklahomans by allowing… Read more [More...]

Protect Oklahoma Consumers by Curbing Payday Lending

In Oklahoma, deferred deposit loans, better known as payday loans, are advertised as a way for people to get emergency funds for a short-term loan. In practice, these loans prey on low-income borrowers by charging annual interest rates over 350… Read more [More...]