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Numbers of the Day

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Monday, February 11
$1 million

Additional amount budgeted to the Department of Corrections by the Governor for FY 2014 – $59 million short of what the department asked for to address critical staffing shortages and overcapacity

Source: OK Policy

Friday, February 8
3.4 million

Number of registered vehicles in Oklahoma – close to one automobile per person in 2009

Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Thursday, February 7

Number of people who work for the largest private employer in Oklahoma, Wal-Mart, employing nearly 4 times as many as the state’s 2nd largest employer (Integris) in 2011

Source: Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce

Wednesday, February 6

Amount spent per capita annually in Oklahoma on gasoline, compared to $1,217 nationally

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Tuesday, February 5

Number of persons receiving assistance through the Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services in Oklahoma, FY 2011

Source: Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services 

Monday, February 4

Maximum number of days until adjournment of this year’s Oklahoma Legislative Session, which begins today and adjourns by May 31, 2013.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Friday, February 1

Number of Oklahoma households who pay more than 50 percent of their income in housing costs, 2012

Source:  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Thursday, January 31

Oklahoma’s current jobs deficit, or the number of jobs the state needs to create to keep up with the growth of the working aged population as of December 2012

Source:  Bureau of Labor via Economic Policy Institute

Wednesday, January 30

Number of years the Oklahoma Policy Institute has been providing data-driven information, analysis and ideas on state policy issues

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, January 29
$1 billion

Amount Oklahomans paid in additional interest on auto loans due to dealerships’ rate mark-up, the 8th most paid in financing markups to dealerships in the U.S., 2010

Source: Center for Responsible Lending