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Join us in November for OKC and Tulsa release parties of our new book, Neglected Oklahoma!
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Numbers of the Day

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Thursday, January 10

Amount Oklahoma appropriated for higher education per every $1,000 in state personal income in 2011, down from $10.39 twenty years ago in 1991 

Source: Center for the Study of Education Policy via Demos

Wednesday, January 9

Number of states with a photo ID requirement for voters; 6 of those states passed the requirement in the past year

Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

Tuesday, January 8
61.2 percent

Percentage of fire departments in Oklahoma that are all-volunteer, compared to 71 percent nationally in 2010.

Source: National Fire Protection Association 

Monday, January 7
18.2 percent

Share of Oklahoma households’ median income that is paid in premiums for employer-based family health insurance coverage, 2009

Source: The Commonwealth Fund

Friday, January 4

The number of states, including Oklahoma, that have a federally licensed spaceport (a base from which a spacecraft could be launched)

Federal Aviation Administration

Thursday, January 3

The number of registered library borrowers in Oklahoma in 2009, nearly half (46 percent) the state’s residents

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Wednesday, January 2

Oklahoma’s rank for the rate of female death due to firearms, 4.6 women per 100,000, compared to just 2.8 women nationally

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Monday, December 31

Monthly health benefit allowance for an Okla. state legislator, compared to $395 for the average SoonerCare / Medicaid enrollee, FY 2012

Source: Tulsa World and Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Friday, December 28
93 percent

Percentage of SoonerCare/Medicaid enrollees who are children, pregnant women, seniors, or people with disabilities.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Thursday, December 27

Number of personal bankruptcies in Oklahoma attributable to medical debt, 2011

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute