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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, September 6

Oklahoma’s rank for the share of its residents who are “engaged” workers (36%) –  involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and their organization – compared to 30% nationally

Source:  GALLUP, Inc.

Thursday, September 5

Percentage drop in the number of persons receiving TANF (or ‘welfare’) cash assistance in Oklahoma from 1991 and 2011, the 9th largest drop in the U.S.

Source:  National Priorities Project 

Wednesday, September 4

The number of Oklahoma farms that are fully-owned by their operator, rather than part-owned or rented, 66 percent of the state’s farms vs. 69 percent nationally

Source:  USDA

Tuesday, September 3

Oklahoma’s rank among the states for the change in housing prices over the last 5 years, up 4.5 percent since 2008

Source: Tax Policy Center

Friday, August 30

The number of mandatory minimum sentences on the books in Oklahoma – including altering or covering the serial number on a motor (1 year) and stealing a hog (3 years).

Source: OKPolicy Blog

Thursday, August 29

The percentage of Oklahoma adults who are affiliated with the Evangelical Protestant tradition of Christianity, compared to just 26 percent nationally

Source:  The Pew Research Center

Wednesday, August 28

Amount deposited this fiscal year (FY 2014) into the state’s ‘rainy day fund’, officially Oklahoma’s Constitutional Reserve Fund

Source: Office of Management and Enterprise Services

Tuesday, August 27

The percentage of Oklahoma restaurant servers and fast food workers who earn a family income at or below the poverty level and have no health insurance

Source: U.S. Census via Oklahoma Watch

Monday, August 26

The average annual drop in Oklahoma’s violent crime rate between 2007 and 2011, compared to a 5 percent annual dip nationally.

Source: FBI via Oklahoma Watch

Friday, August 23

Annual average health allowance for Oklahoma legislators and/or state employees (and their dependents) who receive health insurance as part of their benefit packages.

Source:  Oklahoma Watch