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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, November 16

Oklahoma’s ranking out of all 50 states and Washington D.C. for the best states to work, based on wages, worker protections, and the right to organize.

[Source: Oxfam]

Thursday, November 15

Among adolescents in Oklahoma who experienced a major depressive episode, the percentage who did not receive treatment (2011-2015).

[Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration]

Wednesday, November 14

Number of Oklahomans who had their prison sentences recommended for commutation by the Pardon and Parole Board last week. All were serving sentences of a decade or more for crimes that are now misdemeanors with no prison time under SQ 780.

[Tulsa World]

Tuesday, November 13

Percentage of Oklahoma children living in a household with income below the poverty line in 2017

[Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute]

Monday, November 12

Percentage of Oklahoma prison inmates with assessed need of substance abuse treatment who received that care in 2017.

[Oklahoma Department of Corrections FY 19 Appropriations Request]

Friday, November 9

Poverty rate for women in Oklahoma, compared to a 14.5% poverty rate for men in Oklahoma and a 14.5% poverty rate for women nationally.

[Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute]

Thursday, November 8

Amount Oklahoma spent on private prisons and contracts in 2017.

[Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections]

Wednesday, November 7

Estimate for how much revenue Oklahoma lost due to unpaid use taxes on online sales in 2017.

[Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute]

Tuesday, November 6

Share of senior households in Oklahoma that received SNAP food assistance in 2016.

[Source: Food Research Action Center and AARP]

Monday, November 5

Oklahoma’s student to counselor ratio. The American School Counselor Association recommended student to counselor ratio is 250: 1

[Source: Oklahoma State Department of Education]

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