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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, October 4

Percentage of Oklahomans served by the public mental health system who were employed, 2015

Source: SAMHSA

Tuesday, October 3

Percentage of Oklahomans insured through Medicaid in 2016.

Source: U.S. Census

Monday, October 2

Percentage of Oklahomans with a four-year degree in 2015. The US average was 30.6%

Source: Prosperity Now

Friday, September 29

Percentage of Oklahoma adolescents age 12-17 reporting marijuana use in 2014-2015. The national average was 7.2%

Source: SAMHSA

Thursday, September 28

Share of jobs in Oklahoma with median annual pay below 100% of the poverty threshold for a family of four, 2015.

Source: Prosperity Now

Wednesday, September 27

Uninsured rate for Oklahoma adults without dependent children in 2015

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Tuesday, September 26

Out of all Oklahoma workers whose jobs are covered by a union or an employee association contract, the percentage who are not members of that union or association.

Source: OK Policy analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data

Monday, September 25

Percentage of Oklahoma households experiencing food insecurity in 2016

Source: USDA

Friday, September 22

Average student loan debt of students graduating from four-year institutions in Oklahoma, 2015.

Source: Prosperity Now

Thursday, September 21

Oklahoma’s average annual growth rate for inflation-adjusted personal income over the past decade.

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts

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