For OK Policy, it's been a very good year

As 2010 winds down, I wanted to take a moment to offer a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped make this a very good year for Oklahoma Policy Institute. The year started with OK Policy in the… Read more [More...]

2010 Most Popular Blog Posts

Last year I managed to rouse myself out of my post-Christmas, pre-New Years slumber long enough to pull together a Top 10 list of our most popular blog posts. If this organization, with its rich history dating all the way… Read more [More...]

We're hiring!

Update: The application deadline is now passed. Thank you to everyone who applied. OK Policy is now accepting applications for a highly-qualified, full-time policy analyst.  The primary responsibilities of the position will be to conduct research and analysis on state… Read more [More...]

Favorite Oklahoma politics and policy blogs

If you’re reading this, chances are you depend on blogs for at least part of the information you consume on a daily or weekly basis. Yet if you’re an Oklahoman interested in state politics and policy, it’s not easy to… Read more [More...]

Show us you mean it!

So many people have told us in recent months how much they love our work  on the state’s budget situation, state questions, asset building, and other issues. We truly appreciate all the kinds words – but ask that if you… Read more [More...]

From the Department of Hopeless Causes: A nickname by any other name…

Okay, we’ll give this another shot. We’re not OPI (although we like the ‘dedicated to excellence’ part): A family-owned company committed to the highest quality products and to our customers’ well-being, OPI has long been a leader in the community… Read more [More...]

Gone fishin’

We’re off next week to a conference of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative network, bracketed by several days of family time in New Mexico and Colorado. We’ll be back in early August rested and rarin’ to go!… Read more [More...]

Honored guests: Looking back at our guest blog posts

Over the past 14 months, this blog has run over a dozen guest blog submissions.  We greatly appreciate the contributions we receive from the community – not just because we’re a small organization and it’s nice when someone else pitches… Read more [More...]

You count on us. We're counting on you

As Oklahoma continue to grapple with the worst economic downturn and fiscal crisis in decades, the stakes for all of us who care about public services and the well-being of the disadvantaged are especially urgent. Oklahoma Policy Institute provides a… Read more [More...]

Help us do our work – Contribute to our blog

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve got opinions and points of view on some of the major policy issues confronting Oklahoma. What impact is the economic downturn and fiscal crisis having on the organizations you’re involved in and… Read more [More...]