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Managed care is a bad investment for Oklahoma

Following voters’ approval of Medicaid expansion during the June 30 election, Oklahoma’s next steps should be relatively simple. The state has already been providing high-quality, low-cost Medicaid for years; the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) has a decades-long track record of excellence in efficiency and effectiveness. OHCA could expand Medicaid to cover more than 200,000 low-income Oklahomans for between $125 million and $164 million, all without raising taxes.   [More...]

Interim studies highlight how other states passed meaningful law enforcement reform (Capitol Update)

There have been multiple interim studies on law enforcement reform in the past few weeks. Two of the better efforts, primarily because they brought in “how to” information from other states, was a bi-partisan, bi-cameral study in the House last… Read more [More...]

Weekly Wonk: Addressing SQ 805 misinformation | Medicaid expansion’s full potential | Blood sport politics

Addressing misinformation about SQ 805; Ensuring Medicaid expansion delivers on its full potential; An early look at the FY 2022 budget (Capitol Update); Policy Matters: Blood sport politics has weakened state, country. [More...]

Addressing misinformation about SQ 805

As Oklahomans prepare to vote on State Question 805 during the Nov. 3 general election, opponents have started attacking the justice reform measure in predictable ways, attempting to stir up fear through false and misleading claims. Opponents of SQ 805… Read more [More...]

Ensuring Medicaid expansion delivers on its full potential

Ensuring Medicaid expansion delivers on its full potential Oklahoma While voting to expand Medicaid was a monumental step forward, the subsequent decisions by our elected officials and policymakers are just as important to ensure that Oklahomans get the most impact from their investment. The state’s processes moving forward with expansion will impact hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans and it’s important they get it right. [More...]

An early look at the FY 2022 budget (Capitol Update)

Altogether, from this early view, the bottom line for next fiscal year seems fairly good. The Senate Appropriations Chair is hopeful for a flat state budget meaning no further cuts, but things could be better than that. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Fact sheets available for SQ 805 & 814 | School meals are lifeline for Oklahoma families | Proposed state race and equality commission

Non-partisan fact sheets on the upcoming state questions; Policy Matters: Voting story provides much-needed affirmation; School meals are a lifeline for Oklahoma families; Interim study considers proposed state race and equality commission (Capitol Update); Announcing OK Policy's Fall 2020 interns and fellows. [More...]

Announcing OK Policy’s Fall 2020 Interns and Fellows

An often unsung element of OK Policy’s mission is the opportunity to engage college students and recent graduates into Oklahoma policy work. Below are our Fall 2020 Interns and Fellows who will be playing a crucial role for our work… Read more [More...]

SQ 814: Decrease Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund Payments and Fund Medicaid Program Amendment

State Question 814 would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to change the way Oklahoma’s tobacco settlement money is distributed.  [More...]

SQ 805: Criminal History in Sentencing and Sentence Modification Initiative

State Question 805 would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to end the use of sentence enhancements for people convicted of nonviolent crimes [More...]

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