FQHCs (Federally-Qualified Health Centers)

Federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs) are community-based health care providers that meet various qualifications and are thus eligible for certain federal grants. FQHCs must serve an underserved area or population, offer a sliding fee scale, provide comprehensive services, have an ongoing quality assurance program, and have a patient-majority board of directors. FQHCs provide services regardless of ability to pay or immigration status.

Federally Qualified Health Centers may be organized as Community Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers, Health Care for the Homeless, and Health Centers for Residents of Public Housing.

In Oklahoma, there were 20 FQHCs operating in 93 delivery sites, as of 2018. There are 22 Community Health Centers operating in more than 110 locations; these centers served more than 260,000 patients in 2019, according to the Oklahoma Primary Care Association.