Legislative Service Bureau (LSB)

The Oklahoma Legislative Service Bureau (LSB) is a nonpartisan legislative agency  responsible for producing all computer and information processing services for members and staff of the Oklahoma House  of Representatives and Senate.

LSB operates the Oklahoma Legislative Information Service, which processes legislative measures. This includes the production of bills, resolutions and amendments, the transfer of measures for printing, and the preparation of measures for codification. The service provides current information on the status of measures throughout the legislative session and provides each chamber with the information necessary for legislative and congressional reapportionment.

The agency has a $30.6 million budget in FY 2024, which is more than a five-fold increase in its appropriations compared to FY 2009. Its budget was increased by $4.6 million, or 205 percent, in FY 2017, part of which included the transfer of salaries for legislators and legislative staff to LSB. LSB received a $1.7 million increase in FY 2020 to fund the new Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (LOFT), a $5.3 million increase in FY 2022, and an $8.5 million increase in FY 2023 before receiving a flat budget for FY 2024.